Why My Content Is Free, but Any $ Amount You Give Matters

Why Do I Give Away My Literary Art for Free?

Thank you very much for visiting The Eye Wall today, my fellow literary enthusiast!

As you may have noticed, the majority of the content (poetry, short stories, social commentary, lifestyle guidance articles, and my writing advice blogs) showcased on my websites and my social media platforms have been made available, for your viewing pleasure, completely free of charge.

However, with that being said, me giving my work away for free does not translate to me not recognizing its immense value and importance.  And, I don’t just mean that in the in the context of what I individually compose; I’m referring to the significant impact the language arts, as a whole, has on the quality of our communities.

As study (locally) after study confirms, it is my sincerest belief that reading and writing literacy levels have a profound and direct impact on the success of our communities and on the quality of living here in America.  Therefore, while being cognizant of that fact in all my acts of composition and instruction, I’ve made a steadfast commitment toward promoting reading and writing literacy, locally and nationally, and toward using the power of the language arts, in all its forms, to entertain, enlighten, and empower the masses.

But, yet, even though I see the value and purpose in my obligated duty as a writer and in my literary pieces, I’m giving them away completely free because I feel it’s my readers’ choice and right to decide how much, in a financial sense, they feel my work is worth.

The only items I do have a set price for, due to the countless work hours–hours spent away from loved-ones who were exceedingly patient with me–the tremendous amount of planning, the painstaking research, and the money that went into these projects, are my two published books.

Other than that, you, reader, may visit my page and indulge in a variety of literary works that cover a vast array of subject matter for 100% completely free, any time you like.

However, just like you, reader, I have the same life responsibilities, stressors, and financial obligations to contend with that most of us do.  I have to go to the doctor and dentist sometimes, to pay rent, to put good food (food without pesticides and hormones) on the table, to work a full-time job, to manage debts, to provide the family with what they need, etc. just like everyone else.

And, in addition to the time and resources I have to devote to those areas of life, consistently producing a very diverse range of enriching literary art and factually-based, unbiased, sincere, and unapologetic information that you can actually use to go create change-for-the-better in the world takes a grueling and painstaking amount of effort in its own right.

I’m not a giant media corporation.  TheStormyPoet.com is literally just one man, me, editing a bunch of poetry, essays, articles, and other forms of media, composed by myself–and on a shoestring budget.

Dear reader, in no way, am I begging for your money, and, to be frank, I really don’t really believe in charity.  I believe in the practice of providing someone with something of value in order for me to receive something of value from them in return, in a business sense.

So, what I am saying is, if you come across any content on this page you can intimately to relate to, that inspires you in any way, that enlightens you, that gives you motivation, that gives you strength, that enhances your perspective, or that inspires critical thinking–things of value, I hope that would consider making whatever financial contribution you see fit.

Any little bit helps.  $20.00 (a night at the movies) would go a long way, or even $5.00 (the typical cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks) would help immensely.  If we can invest so regularly in the things that entertain us, then, why can’t we invest in the media that entertains us and that expands our thinking (brain food)?

And, in contributing to my blog, you’re helping a small business continue to expand.  And, when you support a growing business, you aren’t gifting another mansion or luxurious foreign car to some famous actor or some musical superstar, who has no idea you or the people in your community exist.

Instead, you’re gifting a writer with the time and resources (coffee is a resource a writer like me is always in desperate need of (: ) he needs to effectively utilize the literary arts to better his community as a whole.  And, you’re helping me fulfill my dream of being in a position to write full-time and to leave corporate America to work for myself.

If you don’t have the money to give right now, that is perfectly fine. The page for you to contribute will remain open indefinitely.  I still love to share my work with the masses, and I am very happy if you’re able to take some piece of information or an experience away from my page that’s of value to you.

Thank you in advance if you contribute any amount to a very positive and beneficial cause, and I will fulfill my commitment to consistently providing authentic and quality literary art to you and to the world.

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Thank you for taking time out of your day to view this message and any other of my works.  Your presence is greatly appreciated!

One Love,