Sapphire (Poem)


-Shall we indulge in the fiery

-Let's hurry up and take it slow, though, the sands of time do not take kindly to our deed.

-They’ve conspired to expire with swift injustice. 

-We're draped in birthed clothes—sumptuous as supple.

-All barriers, mental, stand banned from banning passion.

-Each verse radiates—the kind of white-hot tongues—with divine purpose of caressing flames past her heart.

-I, too, am never immune to her sultry recital. 

-"Cold" and "dreary" mocks—those of the day's misery, fused and frozen to me—exist only as sweat now.

-It has no final stand. 

-For now, I’ve revenge over icy and stiff affliction. 

-The slightest whiff of her blistering wind, soon, dissolves it. 

-Call our harmonic oasis contradicting—the way pain and pleasure are permitted harmony.

-Such contrasting compliments flutter amongst candled air. 

-I’m sultan.

-I govern her moans echoing between palace pillars. 

-She soothes all the depths of muscle.

-I beg to undergo a scorpion’s wrath. 

-Engulf each cell half-way with toxins, and absorb the other half, in your ravenous wrath, viper.

-I’ll torch you with fever and exhale amber to your sharp gasp. 

-Rest upon my chest.

-Take pride that we've boiled many with envy.

-Sweat isn't the sole wet we desire in our satin cocoon, but, for the rest we yearn, not even Heat deserves to know.

-For, a silky psalm barely deserves to describe her flow.

-Sink me to her sultry.

-Plunge me ‘til I glow.

From the Soul,

2 thoughts on “Sapphire (Poem)

  1. It is the most elegantly writen poem of the topic I have ever read. Amazing word play and description. The emotion that the poem is suppose to give definitely radiates off of the words, the font, the color of the font. I like that not only do you write great poems but you also know how to dress them. Amazing!


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