Get To Know The Stormy Poet

5x7-5_9902“As an author, I strive to utilize the language arts in a manner in which life lessons can most effectively and most profoundly have an impact on mankind.” 

A Little About Me
In case you are wondering, my pen name is attributed to my ongoing fascination with weather phenomena–one I have had since childhood–and how I relate the wide variety of subject matter I write about and my artistic creative process to it.
The goal of this blog site is to showcase my literary works, artistic inspirations, social commentary, lifestyle guidance and resources aimed at community improvement.  As an author, I strive to utilize the language arts in a manner that most effectively portrays the many lessons of life, in order to most profoundly impact the hearts and minds of mankind.  Through my talent, I seek not to belittle or pressure people into changing their ways of thinking but, instead, to broaden and expand their minds, so that people may make better life choices on their own.
This is not a venue meant for individuals to bicker and argue about differing views and beliefs, which is the case of many other forums. The Eye Wall, instead, is an environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas in a respectful, interactive, positive, empathetic, and loving way.




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