(Poem) The Bridge

The Bridge 

-He’s the wielder of the atom,
and he’s a sculptor of men’s hearts.

 -He’s the innovator of intellect,
all while still being the preserver of passion from afar.

-And, while being the revolutionist of evolution,
a million years to him is a day.
Remember this in your academic institutions.

-He’s the promoter of discovery but only when finding something is needed.
-He loves your eyes fixed to microscopes, but the monies of research should be strategic.

-He created the heavens to be explored, but exploring each other’s is of far more importance.
-He cares less of the rainforest, if tears are coming down children’s faces in torrents.

-He endowed us the curiosity to uncover treasures of earth
and to scale far and wide, to give gradual comprehension of its worth.

-He without his science is blasphemy, and science with Him is blind.
-The greatest of discoveries will be savagery, if performed without him in mind.


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