The Bridge (Poem)


-He's the wielder of the atom,
and he's a sculptor of men's hearts

-He's the innovator of intellect,
all while still being the preserver of passion from afar.

-And, while being the revolutionist of evolution,
a million years to him is a day.  Remember this in your academic institutions.

-He's the promoter of discovery but only when finding something is needed.
-He loves your eyes fixed to microscopes, but the monies of research should be strategic.

-He created the heavens to be explored, but exploring each other's is of far more importance.
-He cares less of the rainforest, if tears are coming down children's faces in torrents.

-He endowed us the curiosity to uncover treasures of earth
and to scale far and wide, to give gradual comprehension of its worth.

-He without his science is blasphemy, and science with Him is blind.
-The greatest of discoveries will be savagery, if performed without him in mind.

Note: This piece is featured in my second published anthology, A Pale Face for a Collar: Testimonials of an Office Rat.  For the book descripition, to experience more poetry like this, or to obtain your own physical or electronic version of this published work, please feel free to view to the book profile on Amazon today, by clicking on the link: A Pale Face for a Collar: Testimonials of an Office Rat (Physical Copy and/or eBbook).

From the Soul,

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