Most Guys (Poem)

-I’ve learned, many guys aren’t with gals ‘cause
of love.
-They’re with ‘em just to claim ‘em, like a pet a
kid owns.
-They waste her precious hours being her
watchdog, so she can never think of the
possibility of
ever thriving in a space not under his “thrown.”

-The men who unafraid to let her, who
encourage and push her to shine,
don’t want to rule nor are they in a rush to claim her.
-Sadly, they’re seen as “not assertive enough” or
“not having a spine,”
when it’s they who have the most discipline and
will be the most true.

-So, those are the kind gals often miss
‘cause that watchdog won’t ever let them look
-They growl at you when you walk past their
not knowing just how pathetic, to you, they

-And, it’s so sad they’ve trained those gals to not
want nor think there’s better.
-If a man can’t at least start his own business,
won’t maintain his health, doesn’t have a decent car, has no place to
live, or doesn’t have a zest for
knowledge, gals, he ain’t ready.
-If men don’t have these traits, they shouldn’t be
honored as “go-getters.”
-If not striving to fulfill such basic code, Webster
should have a picture of his  face next to “pet·ty.”

With Warm Regards,


3 thoughts on “Most Guys (Poem)

    1. MCM,

      Thank you, sir. I see a whole lot of women out here needlessly in relationships with guys that don’t fully compliment their being.

      I think that men have it pretty easy these days in terms of earning a woman’s loyalty. As long as you have nice smile, a big truck, a decent sense of humor, and you’re not cheating, it’s just like that’s enough these days–and, that’s like all you need.

      We, as men, should want women to hold us to a higher standard than than possessing such trivial symbols, like the aforementioned of what it means to be a real man.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to read my work, Maurice.

      I will be giving my commentary on your page as well as soon as I get a minute to sit down and really appreciate you work.

      Liked by 1 person

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