I’m out on Watching the Roseanne Reboot: Normalized Racism

3 thoughts on “I’m out on Watching the Roseanne Reboot: Normalized Racism

  1. I never liked the show. I thought it crass back in the day and I am sure that it has only gotten worse since it has Donald Trump’s dubious approval seeing as how I hear that he has called Rosanne Barr.


    1. Shelby,

      Yes indeed. It’s one thing if someone who is an actress voted for trump and they kept it to yourself. But I had to rubber-stamp the “hell no” when she went on that pro-Dump rant on Kimmel and said how they were going to give “both sides of the story” in regards to party affiliation. The network saw her political views and decided to use the show to push them. I’m like, how about let’s get the “side” of the person not affiliated with any party? They made sure to frame the interactions as “Hillary VS Trump,” not “Right VS Wrong.” Yeah, I’ve been hearing loud and clear how the “other side” feels about us. Charlottesville, VA, prime example.

      Basically, the producers of the show want to use it to cater to poor white America to further enforce the notion that they made the right choice in voting for dump (hence the reason he called and congratulated her on the ratings) and that the wickedness going on in the white house is completely normal and has no ill-effect on the quality of our lives–that only good things can come from this administration, and that everything bad that happens in our lives can be blamed on the democrats. I heard that Dan and Roseanne are struggling to pay for healthcare. Healthcare is an issue poor white Americans typically will blame on Obama. For the record, I’m not an Obama backer. But, these white supremacist who control pretting much all we hear and see need to keep the lie going of “THE BLACK MAN IS THE BOOGIE MAN AND THE REAL CULPRIT BEHIND ALL YOURS SUFFERING AND MISERY.

      It’s funny ABC broadcast this show which supposedly invites us to “see where the other side is coming from.” They weren’t even trying to let the show Black-ish air the episodes about Colin Kaepernick kneeling.

      Great dialogue, Shelby.

      One Love,
      The Stormy Poet

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  2. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    The show designed to cater to the ‘low-educational’ voter otherwise considered by Donald Trump to be “poor white trash.” This show has always been about poor white trash and that is what Roseanne Barr represents and doesn’t she make Donald Trump, proud??!!

    Donald Trump’s supporters are so stupid that they don’t even consider the fact that Trump couldn’t give a rat’s ass for them, or the state of their health including why their mouths are like looking into a filthy black hole.

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