Racist Terrorism Endangers White People, Too.

Racist Terrorism Targets White People, Too: 
America’s Public Shootings & Attacks Aren’t Random “Lone Wolf” Occurrences


Hello T.S.P. Reader,

I hope this day bids you well.

Today, I want to touch on a topic of grave importance in-light of some of the very disturbing and, yet, pertinent information I’ve discovered recently.  Judging by the title, one might think I was solely addressing white people, and for the most part, I want those following my work who classify themselves as white to pay special attention today.  However, I feel my findings affect the quality of life for all living in America in an incredibly significant way. 

I’m sure most of you are aware of the terroristic-style attacks that’ve been occurring all over the country for the past several months:

Sutherland Springs, Texas Bapist Church, Parkland, Fla., Douglas High School, Marshall County High School in Benson, KT, the Waffle House in Tenessee, the Austin, TX delivery bombings,  the man who shot at passing vehicles on a freeway in Georgia.   Sadly, I could go on for days.

At first glance, these types of attacks appear to be completely random or as if they were carried out in a “lone wolf” fashion.  Most would probably view it as such because mainstream media rarely goes adequately enough in-depth in the way of unveiling relevant and intimate details of the attacker’s life if they’re white, when these kinds of attacks occur.  This, disturbingly enough, has been a consistent trend–one that keeps us from learning the type of information we need to be safe as citizens.

And of course, it’s quite the contrary if you’re not classified as white (whether you’re the victim of a crime or the perpetrator).

Much of mainstream media, which are run by executives who understand the need to shape public perception.  And, most of the time, law enforcement will just make up dishonest motives rather than paint these criminals in a hateful or terroristic light.

I can’t imagine losing a loved one in such an unfair and sudden way and then have to hear some cop sit up there and make up excuses for some violent crybaby taking their lives, all for the sake of keeping the image of “whiteness” squeaky clean, even if I was white myself.

Or, they’ll try to downplay the sickening carnage they leave in their wake.  Soft and non-threatening words are often used when describing these terrorists:

“He was a quiet loner who stayed in his room a lot.” (code for lone wolf)

He was a challenged and troubled kid (code for “feel sorry for him unleashing his murderous temper tantrum on your loved one). 

“He was a victim of bullying, and that may’ve led to this shooting” (They tried to use this as an excuse for Columbine and for the Parkland shooter.  Both theories have been debunked).

“He may’ve possible been mentally ill and finally snapped” (I really dislike when they say this, because it contributes to a false notion that victims of mental illness are frequently violent, which is a dangerous notion to spread).

“He had a rough childhood, and grew up with a single mom.”

It’s the same old song and dance when it comes to the media, which is why I tell people to turn off the news and to start listening to and financially backing local, publicly funded, independent news and political and social commentary.  

Make no mistake.  Systematic racism is a socially engineered mindset most won’t ever know they’re subject to.

For example, is that very kind of subconscious conditioning that grooms jurors to have a racial bias, so that they get black men convicted at higher disproportionately more than any other demographic. 

However, truth be told, I wish it were as simple as these occurrences just being “lone wolf” in nature–rampages done by some deranged idiots who were anomalies of a few psychotic mindsets.  Unfortunately, what the media and what law enforcement has chosen not to reveal to us is something much more sinister, organized, and intentional in nature.

Firstly, we need to understand, white supremacists have historically succeeded in infiltrating law enforcement and still are current-day.  So, it’s no surprise to me that Dylan Roof, a documented racist, was not only taken alive when arrested, when others have been shot for much less than slaughtering 9 people in a church,  But, he was also taken to Burger King courtesy of local law enforcement letting him have it his way after he complained he was hungry on his way to jail.

And, in addition to law enforcement–and here comes the scary part–it has been documented that the U.S. Military has been infiltrated.

Now, let’s not forget, timothy mcveigh was once a security guard (a sub-branch of law enforcement) and a military man.  So, just ask yourself, what kind of dynamics do these facts bring into the discussion when we’re talking about how he was able to accomplish those cowardly and demonic acts, the fateful day of  April 19, 1995?  We’ll get into that later on.

Secondly, timothy was an infantryman in the U.S. Army.  There he was able to acquire an in-depth knowledge of combat training, how to work a number of firearms, and a variety of tactical techniques.  Plus, he was also able to come into contact with some useful acquaintances–ones he’d take advantage later on in life.

There’s no way he could have pulled off such a tragically successful attack without military training nor without the assistance of the accomplices he met while in service.

Thirdly, let’s dive a bit into the psychology and the ideology of timothy.  Most people would just chalk up his a rationale for choosing to kill innocent men, women, and children up to pure, conspiracy theroy-espue lunacy and paranoia.  However, if we stick a magnifying glass to his childhood and influences, you’ll see that his motive was forged via more complex factors.

He was an only son and was raised by his dad from age ten.  His dad, from what I was able to gather, wasn’t very affectionate nor nurturing, and he probably raised him on some “suck it up and be a man” type of parenting style.

tim was bullied at school, which is not an acceptable reason to kill people by the way.  Countless kids not classified as white get bullied all the time, and you don’t see them shooting up schools at an alarming rate.  However, I just wanted to provide some context by dissecting his background a bit, and him being bullied does factor in.

This probably contributed to his misplaced contempt for the country at-large, instead of it being directed toward the father where it was rightfully owed.

When you’re young and be consistently bullied and no one is helping to protect you, the urge to become more withdrawn, to feel more powerless, and to become more bitter sets in, and those emotional forces start to become a cyclical entity. 

In the book, American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombinghe said he had had no idea how to talk to women.  The leads to feelings of male inadequacy (a sense of emasculation).

Now, I broke down in another piece I wrote about how the white male ego is pathologically being stroked and inflated throughout the course a white males’ life and how that ego amasses a gargantuan desire to be validated–a desire that can never be completely quenched (You will have to read it to fully comprehend what I’m about to say).

tim begin thinking to himself, “Hey, society says I’m superior in every way compared to everyone else and that I’m the pinnacle of human evolution, so  ummm…why in the heck aren’t I being validated and respected for my whiteness?”

That’s why, later on in his life, in the midst of his hatred of what he deemed as “the biggest bully of all time,” (unresolved childhood issues with bullying) the government, he began to latch on to the white supremacist ideology.

If you’ve never read The Turner DiariesI highly recommend doing so, if you really want to get an understanding of how this thing called white supremacy works.  Those who consciously subscribe to the belief system of white supremacy use that diary as their playbook as direction for their efforts in its implementation in America society.  mcviegh tremendously identified and was profoundly influenced by this book.

Fourthly, later on in his life, his grandfather introduced and familiarized him with firearms.  Now, this is significantly noteworthy because this, then, gave him a sense of power and control in his life he’d never experienced, and a great deal of males–especially white males–use “guns” to represent and compensate for inadequacies of manhood or masculinity.  Many men see guns as an extension of their manliness, much like a car or a pit bull, and they use them to compensate.

In his mind, he said, “From now on, if I’m not being validated and revered at the level I expect to be, I’ve got the power to carry out judgment on those who aren’t doing it (the white male god complex).

Also like many white males do, he then went on to become a gun enthusiast, because, when you haven’t had a position of authority or superiority for so long, especially when society is telling you it’s owed to you, and you finally have the power to enforce it, it’s a power rush–one that’s intoxicating and addicting.  Of course you’re going to create a lifestyle around it, and you’re gonna cling to that power by any means.

The nra, aka the national racist association, plays on this dynamic with males, white males in particular.  They invoke fears of the government coming to seize all their forms of defense and of the man being unable to protect what he loves if he doesn’t have a firearm. 

What that all boils down to though is just one big ‘ol fear tactic–the propagation of the fear of “emasculation”–the fear that someone is coming to take away what makes you a man.  Hence, this is the reason so many white males appear to be so “gun crazy” and why so many people can’t figure why they think evil minions are coming for their guns when all the public is simply asking for is safer gun laws.

The nra uses this dynamic, as many hate groups do, to convince white males that they’re somehow being persecuted and mistreated more-so than every other group (singled out and bullied).  This perceived threat combined with the over-inflated white male ego drives young and older white males, sadly and very, unfortunately,  into the throes of white supremacy indoctrination and extremism.

To tie everything into how racist terrorism is WHITE PEOPLE’S problem, too, and how it’s WHITE PEOPLE’S responsibility to dismantle this unjust system, which was implemented in this country centuries ago and that has endured just as long:

Right so…just as one example…there is a neo-nazi terrorist group known as the atomwaffen division here in the US.  Now, I’m not gonna link their official site to mine for security reasons, but feel free to Google them when time permits.

But on their website, they look at timothy mcveigh as a hero for his satanic attempts to overthrow the government–in the name of Washington not doing enough to protect the white man and for not putting those classified as white in a place of dominance over every other American demographic.

So, what does that tell you?  That tells you they’re operating their game out of the same playbook and by the same rules he was.

The site contains a plethora of videos of men dressed in camo and wearing skeleton masks performing military drills and conducting training sessions in a variety of weaponry (the same kind of training mcveigh got).  That means the members of the organization are probably ex or current military and/or law enforcement.

While most of America is busy getting high, spending money on stuff they don’t have, and dancing, ummm…yeah, these guys are over here not only calling for a race war, which they frequently express on their website (Google it) but, also, preparing for one.

And, trust me when I say, federal law enforcement knows about this group and groups like it, but, again, they’ve been infiltrated so…(not a priority on their agenda).

And, just like the nra, atomwaffen uses that same “all the other groups are taking over the country,” “the big bad boogie man is coming to get you,” “white people are being killed every day by non-white people,” fearmongering propaganda, to encourage white males, like timothy mcveigh, to take up arms to carry out judgment on America–judgment for America not upholding and exalting them.

atomwaffen, and groups like it, not only radicalize these young men, but they groom and train them for all-out warfare.

For instance, how did Mark Conditt learn how to build bombs and how to detonate them at will, and why is the media not pressuring law enforcement to tell us what they know about the nature of the bombs themselves?

Certainly, he must have kept personal journals or documents behind that signified his ideologies,  beliefs, and bomb construction methods for that matter.  Other than some message board assignment he did for a community college years ago, they’ve discovered nothing, which is just either racially bias or piss-poor investigating.

Those bombs were incredibly sophisticated, according to law enforcement officials, and he was just 23-years-old.  Who taught him how to construct these weapons, and, even though two white people got hurt, why was he originally targeted prominent Melanoid and Latino individuals?

Why did Rex Whitmire write about idolizing Nickolas Cruz, a self-identified white supremacist, before he opened fire on cars traveling down the freeway? 

Why was the Columbine massacre committed on Hilter’s friggin’ birthday?  By the way, the month of April is like a holiday for the white supremacists.  The Oklahoma City Bombing was done in April.

Why couldn’t law enforcement seem to find any kind of motive as to why Stephon Paddock opened fire on a concert, killing 58 people, when clearly, he lives in “Cliven Bundy/Militiamen” territory?  They seriously can’t make the connection with his actions and their whole “punish America for not following the true constitution” stance they’ve traditionally taken?

Also, why wasn’t it recognized as a form of terrorism, when that is exactly what it was?  That demon wasn’t just somequiet guy who enjoyed gambling.”

And, Blaze Bernstein, a gay, Jewish, Ivy League college student, who was brutally murdered by a classmate who belonged to atomwaffen, was white.  He was only 19-years-old.  His murderer received a great deal of praise and recognition by his terrorist peers, for killing someone of the Jewish faith, kind of like how Nickolas Cruz is receiving sexual photos and fan letters in jail right now.

James Alex Fields, former military man, the one who murdered Heather Heyer, a white woman, during the Charlottesville protests in 2017, was a member of the atomwaffen division.

By the way, if you think these types of attacks are going to somehow decrease in frequency across the country or that they’re far-and-in-between, just know that there are an estimated 20 atomwaffen terror cells scattered across the U.S. consisting of about 80 members, and that’s way up since its 2015 inception.

80 people might not sound like a lot, but it only takes a few people to do a whole lot of damage.  And, atomwaffen is just one of many white supremacist groups willing to do whatever it takes to cause civilizational collapse, much like they told us the extremist terrorist from the Middle-East were trying to do to America after 9/11.

This is just not up to minorities to fix.  The racist extremists are more than willing to make a few white sacrifices to accomplish their goals. 

We, as an American collective, must start learning how to put pressure on and how to challenge our local, state, and federal politicians to recognize these groups as terrorists and traitors to our country.

Because, white supremacy is the biggest threat to democracy and liberty that the country–and the world for that matter–has ever faced.  And, not only that, this country was built off of it.  That is why it is in the best interest of white people and all Americans to learn the nature of it and where they fit in to combat and dismantle it. 

I believe in prayer and in the power of my God, but I also believe He gave us the tools and the power to consciously and strategically battle and eradicate injustice. 


One Love & One Justice,


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