Black People, It’s Time To Get Armed.

Fellow Comrades,

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Time and time again, we see people who either call the cops on us, black folks, for merely existing in public spaces, or we see people who directly threaten to harm us. And we, as black folk, still can’t seem to understand the gravity of the social climate is in America.

Yet another unarmed black man, down in Clearwater, FLA, has been murdered and has made national headlines, this time at the hands of a civilian instead of a police officer.

By the way, review the story, but please don’t watch the video.  Why you shouldn’t, I’ll break down for you in just a sec. 

And, like clockwork, I see black people on my social media accounts, and I hear my black colleagues talking thatI hope that guy gets what’s coming to himnonsense.  It’s nonsense because we keep advocating for individual punishment rather than advocating for the end of systematic white supremacy.  

Black folks, collectively, still don’t understand just how elaborate and entrenched in American culture systematic white supremacy is. We must stop seeing white supremacy the lense of it solely being carried out in the realm of interpersonal interactions. We have to think of white supremacy as a system–something that takes a group effort to promote and maintain.  While the goal of Michael Drejka, the Florida man who harassed and bullied a black family in the parking lot of a convenience store, was to antagonize and belittle these black people personally, there is a system in place that protects him from punishment for murdering a black man in front of his family, because he somehow “feared for his life.”

There is a system in place that has conditioned people to react in an unempathetic manner by proclaiming, “If he wouldn’t have pushed the guy and made him fear for his life, he wouldn’t have gotten shot.”

Number one, the gentlemen was backing up when he was shot, which proves he was not a threat to the man’s safety.  All that McGlockton did was neutralize the threat to his family’s safety. 

Number two, McGlockton could have feared for the safety of his family’s life, which could also be applied as “standing your ground” which justifies McGlockton pushing him.  But, again, because of the system of white supremacy, you have the Pinellas Sherriff making excuses about how “the push was violent so he had justification to fear for his life.”

A man who antagonized and harassed people murdered a man in cold blood because he “feared for his life” in a hostile situation he created, and you’ve got people in the general public and officials in law enforcement making excuses for him murdering someone for pushing him.  That’s what I mean by group effort.  Those who practice white supremacy are all in on the lie, and will repeat it over and over and over without skipping a beat (aka Fox News). 

Dear black folks, we have to stop thinking of racism in terms of interpersonal interactions.  White supremacy is a group effort in which people, consciously and unconsciously, are complicit in.  The actions of Drejka go beyond merely being an act of blind “hatred” and “bigotry.” This was a man who was of this mindset:I want to harm and mistreat black people today, I’m going to go out of my way to do so, and I know that there is a system in place that will protect me from punishment.”

It’s hard for black people to accept that there are people who literally wake up in the morning for the sole purpose of harming us. “Why would someone care so much about people barbecuing or selling water?” is the type of question I hear people asking all the time.  It bothers them because they despise when we’re able to exist in peace.  If we’re not being mistreated to according to their standards, then, something is out of place and needs to be corrected. 

Something seems “a little off” if we’re not in pain.

Jennifer Schulte, Adam Bloom, Holly Hylton,Pool Patty,etc. all called the cops because they understand what has the potential to happen when law enforcement interacts with us.

As a matter of fact, they’re hoping for us to get harmed.  They get off on it.  Just like with Tamir Rice and John Crawford III–and many other similar scenarios–people call the cops on us for the sole reason of getting us murdered. That’s the goal. And then, the mainstream media puts these horrific recordings on display for the viewing pleasure those who possess the same demonic intent. 

They get off on seeing our brothers and sister get mutilated, and they love hearing us cry about it.

Black people need to begin accepting just how sadistic and perverted systematic white supremacy is and that we are living in a state of warfare. Those who practice white supremacy smell fear, and, just like sharks, the more aggressive and hostile they’re becoming because we keep publicly crying about it and expressing how we don’t like our mistreatment.

We, as black folks, are so busy “caping” for the social issues of other groups that we don’t even realize the Goliath we’re up against.

There are people who can’t be rationalized and reasoned with who simply want us to be subjugated and harmed, and there is a system in place to support them.  We need to understand this, and, with that in mind, it’s our duty to protect ourselves, those we care about, and each other from that threat.

Everyone classified as “black” in America should have their license to carry and should be equipped with a firearm or some type of weapon that can disable a human, who poses a threat to their safety.

Also, being that there is a multitude of trigger-happy white supremacists walking around and there is a system in place that promotes and protects their degeneracy, every black person should also own a bulletproof vest.

I may sound extreme in saying all of that, but, newsflash, we live in extreme times. And, we have to begin, collectively as black people, operating out of a military mind state. When I say that, I don’t mean being hateful, instigating violence, hating white people, nor being irrationally paranoid.

What thinking military-ly means is accepting the reality of the condition we’re living in and that the ultimate goal of those who practice systematic white supremacy is the genocide, for the sake of racial cleansing, of anyone not classified as “white”–that we’re dealing with individuals who are of a demonic and illogical mindset and who cannot be reasoned with.



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3 thoughts on “Black People, It’s Time To Get Armed.

  1. “When I say that, I don’t mean being hateful, instigating violence, hating white people, nor being irrationally paranoid.”

    I don’t see a problem in hating white people. It is quite obvious that they hate us; the majority of them if not all. And I say this because they are all complicit in what is going down even those who don’t actually initiate violence against descendants of slaves because by their deafening silence, they are most definitely complicit in the violence perpetrated against us by those who look like them. Nor do I think that we can be ‘irrationally paranoid’, given the climate we live in. I just read that some whites are trying to hold a “Whites Civil Rights Rally” in Washington, D.C. That is spitting on the very grave of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and all those who marched and protested alongside him. No one is denying whites any rights and they know this. Those demonic monsters are beyond insane in their depravity and evil. There is no reasoning with that lot and to be paranoid to the point of irrationality when around them is, in my opinion, totally called for.

    Excellent post, by the way!


    1. Shelby,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my article, and, also, thank you for taking the time to comment. It is always appreciated.

      While there are a great deal of white people complicit in practicing systematic white supremacy, in all fairness, I see a lot of black people (the coons) doing the same thing. When I talk to a lot of black people about becoming educated in politics, in all levels of government, and what kind of work (work that our kids will have to continue), very few are willing to put in that kind of work (reading books, going to city hall and school board meetings, debating politicians, etc).

      White people, themselves, are not the problem. The system of white supremacy is the problem, and there are people, classified as white and people of all ethnicities, who are committed to combating white supremacy and remedying the damage it has caused to AADOS. So, I can’t paint all white people with one broad brush. Plus, the reason why so many white folks–and black folks–are so complacent when it comes to white supremacy is because the population has been subjugated to the 24/7 social engineering carried out through basically every form of media that exist.

      Also, “hate,” in and of itself, is very corrosive, even if that hate is directed towards an unjust entity. It is poisonous to the spirit and has scientifically been proved to cause different kinds of disease and disorders. Sista, I don’t want that to happen to you, and I care about you. I want you to be right within your own spirit. We can challenge and combat this system while still operating out of love. We don’t need hate of any kind remedy white supremacy.

      I, just like you, get infuriated when I see what is happening to my tribe. That is a righteous anger. However, I don’t babysit that anger, and I, instead, use it to fuel me efforts, in studying history, in empowering the people, in analyzing the data, in challenging white and black people on their ignorance, and in mobilizing. I see exactly where you are coming from, and, trust me, I’m hard on the white people I interact with.

      However, hating white folks isn’t gonna get rid of white supremacy. Like the brother Neely Fuller said, the best thing white people can do is go to other white people and take the lumps that are coming to them when they challenge systematic white supremacy. There are a few white folks I’ve seen putting in that work.

      I feel where you are coming from, but I would say, the most productive thing we, as AADOS, can do educate and mobilize as many people as possible in the name of our specific claim. Some people will be willing to empathetically understand, but most won’t, due to the indoctrination we’ve been subjected to all our lives.

      I appreciate you commenting, ma’am. Sending positive vibes your way.

      One Love,
      The Stormy Poet


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