I Don’t Want the Big Fancy House (Poem)


What good are more square feet

if, inside, you’re alone,
amongst “yes men” of loitering and conceit—
too scared to earn thrones of their own?

Gated districts interest me none.
They’re just a denial of potential unity with fine local folks.
It boils to, raising a house of fearful sons,
who’ll grow to not fix a world, so broke? 

You can have the fireplace built into the bedroom wall
and can still be cold as frost, while in your bed.
It can’t bring warmth, at all,
to a passion-starved marriage already pronounced dead. 

You can fall asleep in the canopied king-size, with silk sheets of white,
and still be but a mere boy.
It’s but a meager place for a different woman to sleep every night.
But, dozing off in a queen filled with loved ones is a far greater joy. 

I don’t want the big pool.
It’s far too much to maintain.
I’d rather put such time into keeping my character retooled
than, with relaxing water, attempt to escape spiritual growing pains. 

Flickering chandeliers can’t make blackened souls shine.
You can’t prevent your seeds’ future tears by having the sound system custom-designed. 

I don’t want to “wow” my family or my friends, with marble floors, detailed wooden doors, and bedrooms galore, into loving me or for us to collectively do The Lord’s will. 

I’d rather humbly live out my days
in a cargo container or under a tin roof
with kin and pals, whom I never have to question the intent of their ways,
while jointly investing in health, character, and truth.

I want the luxury of not needing proof.

From the Soul,

Published works: https://amzn.to/3gA4Dh3

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