Name One Social Issue Systematic White Supremacy Isn’t Responsible For

Is it homophobia?:

As Dr. Frances Cress Welsing theorized–and there is a plethora of evidence to back her theory up, in terms of why they castrated black men after lynching them and why they’ve historically done so, over and over again–and more currently why they have used biological warfare to sterilize black people, those who believe in maintaining white supremacy  are subconsciously afraid of being genetically taken overtaken (which is dumb as cat shit btw).  

In laymen’s terms, whenever a black person procreates with a white person, the child is going to come out darker than that white parent.  The system of race, which was constructed on the concept of “whiteness,” as the supreme, needs people who are already classified as “white” in order for it to function properly and in order for it to insure white privilege is maintained. 

Black people were designated to be the underclass hundreds of society hundreds of years ago, during colonialism, and, the more lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, bisexual, queer, and + couples there are out there, the more white people aren’t being procreated.

That is why white supremacists extremist groups like Atomwaffen and The Proud Boys target and murder of non-hetersexual men and females and Jews and even other white people.  They even radicalize white people to commit these acts against non-heterosexual folks.

Now, I have to ask, what organized groups of black people are out here targeting and murdering gays, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, etc. like that?  Better yet, what black people have the collective social power to mistreat white people in the LGBTQ community?  

Homophobia goes all back to systematic white supremacy (which is what Adolf Hitler was so hardcore against), in the form of making sure the white race endures, through white male and white female procreation.  

Black people have absolutely nothing to gain by supporting any LGBTQ initiatives.  In the case of the white supremacists, this is a classic situation of, white people having a civic disagreement with the other white supremacists, about who should obtain dominance and how.

Members of the LGBTQ have never openly and consistently challenged white supremacy like #ADOS members have.  

Is it Feminism?:

Black men don’t have the power to determine where large groups of women, white or black, can or cannot go to college. 

Black men don’t have the power to collectively decide a women’s reproductive rights.

Black men don’t have the power to decide where you nor your family can or cannot live. 

Black men don’t have the power to Redline nor Gerrymander you, black women. 

Black men don’t have the power to push the kind of media influences that objectifies women as mere sexual objects for the purpose of financial gain (We control no mainstream media outlets).  This, right here, is what really drives the public perception of women, which black men are subjected to and, unfortunately, and that we internalize. 

Black any women have no comparative struggle; they’re both equally abused and mistreated under the system of white supremacy.  There is no contest, despise what the white feminist groups try to push.

Under white supremacy, the white male believes he should have sexual access to whatever he wants, and part of maintaining white dominance–as understood by the powers that be–is that he or she can partake in any degenerate sexual act they want, and they will be protected by the system, should the be accused.  Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Wienstein are perfect examples of that.  Meanwhile, Cosby’s black ass is in jail. 

That is why, in most of the television shows you watch, notice that the character who has the most sexual access to all of the characters is the white man, “The Vampire Diares” case and point.  In this series, Damon Salvatore, bangs more women on the show than anyone, even people who don’t love him and who hate him.  This is a common norm with and the norm with most TV shows and movies.

It is never ever the black guy who has sexual access to all of the characters of the show.  Notice there are no black Hugh Hefners nor Johnny Deeps running around Hollywood. That is for a reason.

Bottom line, white men are shown as, “You can do whatever you want sexually, and you won’t be punished for it, no matter how degenerate you prove to be.”

Naturally, the white women don’t wanna accept that, but the problem is, they don’t want to give up the perks and goodies that come along with being white.  They wanna make sure they get the same wages that white men make, and they use black women to advocate for their cause. 

Futhermore, white men, aka those who are white supremacists, believe in making white women their procreative vessels and nothing more.  That is why they push the objectification of women as objects so hard–to have complete control over their reproductive practices. 

White women, who still want to buddy up with the idea of white privilege will diss other racists, like Donald Trump, all day but, at the end of the day, won’t speak out specifically against white supremacy and on behalf of the issues black people face in America.      

Is It Xenophobia?:

First of all, what does the term “Xenophobia” mean? Who came up with it? Where was it derived?  The term white supremacists, those who seek to mistreat and dominate anyone not classified as white, will throw all types of misleading terminology out there to keep the masses from talking about any and everything but systematic white supremacy itself.  

How are the terrorists who bombed The World Trade Center anymore deadly than these white supremacists males who go and murder scores of people in the name of whiteness?

Is It the Environment?:

This one is very simple, and I love utilizing this demonstration when I am discussing white supremacy and how it functions with both white and black people.  You, whomever you are on my website, I want you to Google a random American coal or oil company you want.  Let me ask, who are running the operations, and who are the folks on the Board of Trustees?  I rest my case.

What About Class-ism?:

This is another easy one.  In terms of class, what do the people who control, as a whole, from top to bottom, look like, and how did it get that way where they were in charge?

What About the “Children on the Border” Issue?:

Children were separated from their mothers on a regular basis during chattel slavery.  Children were separated and torn from their families at the drop of a hat, all in the name of building this country’s wealth up. 

Where is the national outcry on compensating those families who descended from that systematic mistreatment?  We talk all the time about the individuals held at the border, but never about the black citizens who built this nation and who are owed in the form of financial compensation.  

Bottom line, there are no social issues one can reconcile, and this goes for both white people and black people, without dealing with systematic white supremacy head-on.  It is the root of all of our problems, and the more you avoid it, the more you will have to live with its consequences as a human being.



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3 thoughts on “Name One Social Issue Systematic White Supremacy Isn’t Responsible For

  1. You keep it real and I love that about you. The only difference in how we get our point across is that you’re just a whole lot nicer in getting your point across than I am.

    Great post! Re-blogging, for sure!


    1. LMAO Thank you so much for that. But, I love how ruthless you are with your writing style. We need the truth expressed in that kind of manner to–pure, raw, unfiltered, and uncompromising. I have the utmost respect for you and how you fearlessly bring truth to power. You defend your people with a vengeance, and you don’t try to spare feelings while doing it. Much respect to you and everything you do, sistah. Thank you for taking the time to read and reblog my material.

      One Love & One Justice,

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  2. It is the sleight of hand performed by the con artist, a deft deflection. Ignore the White sleights and deflections, observe the theft and the implausible denials. Who gains in this loaded game? Access is granted to those who arrive from recognized countries where certain agreements have been made through commerce, colonial histories. Blacks are the only ones stolen from Africa for a return of investment, a price determined by traders at the points of departure and then again at the slave blocks when sold to the highest bidders. Roots cut with full deliberation to dissolve all traditions in Africa to become commodities in the Americas, then dispersed under all manner of deceit and written into the histories of the commodity traders. Crushed in the traders’ books of “heritage and tradition.” What could be viler, more evil?


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