Not Protecting Our Children During War Time

On Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020, at the annually-held Mississippi Gulf Coast Mardi Gras Parade, 12-year-old Nicole Fairconeture received a racist doll from a man riding one it floats.

The Pass Christian native said a man called her to come closer to the New Orleans Saints-themed float to throw something to her.  Once she caught the item, the man called her attention again and shouted out to her, “That’s you!”  Her uncle has filed a police report.  

In Waveland, MS where the event occurred, Mayor Mike Smith told the Sun Herald that this act of racism committed against the child would be investigated as a hate crime and that Waveland and Bay St. Louis police are working together on the investigation.

Her mother said, “She’s just very disturbed by it, that he pointed her out in the crowd to give her what to was an insult.”


Well, I bet you she was disturbed by what happened, indeed, but I’ll tell you what disturbs me most about the crime that was committed against this child.  

Yes, what did this suspected white supremacist did was sick and evil.  I don’t expect anything less from the bad guys.  This is what racists do.  Attacking black children is a common bonding ritual they share with one another.  Tamir Rice and Emmett Till are examples of that. 

Yes, whoever did this deserves to be charged with a hate crime and to be severely punished (Don’t expect this to happen any time soon).

But, what I found most shocking about this story was the tremendous amount of danger this 12-year-old child’s mother and father–because of his negligent absence in his child’s life–put her in.

Black parents who do not prepare their children to survive in a society that is extremely hostile and antagonistic towards them do their offspring a grave injustice.  The actions–and the lack thereof–the mother took to put her daughter in a very dangerous position were shameful and a complete disgrace to her daughter.  

Black people have a stubborn habit of psychologically masturbating themselves into this delusion that we can move about society in the same manner white people do.  We like to forget and, in many cases, don’t accept the fact we live in an oppressed state under the system of white supremacy.  So, we try to play psychological games with ourselves by doing things like going to bars or restaurants, parades concerts, clubs, and stores, often to ones filled with things we can’t really afford, white people frequent.  

We do this to deceive ourselves into thinking that racism isn’t as bad as all that.  We tell ourselves because white people are tolerating our presence that they like us, that racism is only relegated to a few bad apples who practice it, and that we have the exact same social status white people do–simply for the fact we’re in the same space as them and they’re not beating us upside the head or calling us the n-word.

This perverse psychological game black people play with themselves is, indeed, a deadly.  The black people at the Ned Peppers Bar in 2019 up in Dayton, OH had to find that out the hard way.

What on Earth was the mother of this child thinking by allowing her black daughter to venture into a crowd of hundreds of white strangers–in the state of Mississippi, nonetheless, arguably the most racist state in America?

I, myself, don’t do large crowds of people, and rarely do I go out in public for that matter.  It’s not because I’m scared nor cowardly; it’s because I’m realistic and unrelentingly vigilant of the condition black people are in when it comes to the society we occupy.  And, being that white supremacy is the law of the land, there are certain things white people can do and certain places they can go we can’t, not if we want to make it home that night or make it home alive ever again.  

Is it fair I have to live my life like that?  Of course not.  But, then again, under white supremacy when are black people ever really being treated fairly?  

Should we want to see the systematic racism toppled once and for all?  Ya damn skippy, but a lot of good that does to want that if you’re not alive to do the necessary work to accomplish that.  

Our children deserve the unadulterated truth about the society they’re going into every day and that war has been waged against them simply for being born a particular color.  The greatest betrayal a black parent go commit against their child is to not psychologically and emotionally train and prepare them for it. 

What that suspected white supremacist did this 12-year-old was, indeed, an act of psychological warfare.  Someone telling your kid that a doll is symbolic of them hanging from a noose is an act that will scar them for life.  He successfully traumatized this girl, and she will have disturbing flashbacks of what happened as long as she lives. 

And, the father of this child (assuming he is not dead), who is supposed to be the protector of the family as a man, is equally as guilty as the mother.  Had he been in the presence of his daughter that day, making sure she is safe and ready to defend her at any given time, I can tell you with certainty there is no way in hell that suspected white supremacist would have thrown anything like that her way. 

White supremacists love going after soft targets, and there’s no way you’re tossing a racist doll to a little girl without her daddy beating your ass for doing so if he’s there. 

It wasn’t even the father who filed the police report.  It was her uncle.  Yeah…some dad this is.   

And, at the end of this SunHearld article, it states that the mother said when interviewed, “It’s a family tradition.  We don’t want that to go away,” meaning that they will be in attendance next year. 

Black people, are we really so desperate for white company that we’re willing to re-attend the same event where our child was traumatized, just to party it up with the very same people who have nothing but contempt for us?

I used to live on the Missippi coast, and I’ve seen those parades.  Every which way you look there’s some sunburnt redneck waving the Confederate flag…and this lady is saying she wants her and her daughter attending that again?  Having to look at Confederate flags all day is, apparently, her family’s tradition.  This woman clearly is more worried about partying it up with white people than she is about her own daughter’s survival, much less her own.

Black people, we can’t be this dense when it comes to the position we’re in socially.  It’s one thing to put ourselves in danger by not accepting the reality of the society we live in, but we commit an utterly despicable act of treason to our people by allowing our children to be put in harm’s way. 

And, make no mistake.  When those children turn into adults, they’ll remember our acts of treason against them.  And, when they do, I wouldn’t expect them to be so forgiving.   

One Love & One Justice,


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5 thoughts on “Not Protecting Our Children During War Time

  1. I absolutely concur with everything you have written. There is no way in hell that I would have allowed a child of mine to be subjected to that and to then turn right around and state that she will be potentially subjected to it again for the sake of tradition; attending a damn parade. This is exactly why I throw my hands up because I just don’t get the majority of us. What the hell is wrong with millions of us?

    I will be re-blogging this tomorrow because my readers are early birds.

    Thank you for posting this, T.S.P.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Shelby,

    I appreciate you taking the time to check this piece out.

    Yeah offering our children up to the wolves is a quick path to extinction for our people. It sickens me how the vast majority of black people don’t prioritize survival and the survival of their offspring over entertainment, white approval, and escapism. And, maybe that’s Darwinism playing itself out. Maybe those who don’t need to just go extinct. But, the parents of this little girl not teaching her how to navigate this racist society so that she can go extinct along with their sorry asses is sick.

    It’s one thing if black adults don’t wanna get their act together, but selling out the children and not giving them what they need to survive really gets under my skin.

    Definitely feel free to re-blog, sister. I wanna thank you for helping spread this message to the people. Heaven knows we need it badly.

    One Love & One Justice,

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    1. Kelley,

      I appreciate your stopping by and reading my work.

      Like Mobb Deep said in that song Survival of the Fittest, “There’s a war going on outside no one is safe from.”

      We owe it to the children to thoroughly inform them about what kind of environment they’re going into every day. Not teaching our children survival, quite frankly, is a form of child abuse.

      With Best Regards,

      Liked by 1 person

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