LGBT Matters Have NOTHING To Do w/ Blackness


Pretty much everyone on a global scale is aware of the justifiable civilian uprising occurring across America in response to the murder of George Floyd, a black man who was blatantly and viciously murdered on camera by a police thug of the MPD, Derek Chauvin.

Local, state, and federal politicians have been challenged and
taken to task publicly by the black community for their lack of action to protect black people from white supremacists who have infiltrated law enforcement.

Protesters have destroyed property and have attacked and, in some cases, taken the lives of white supremacists citizens and dirty cops. As was the case throughout human history, marginalized groups have destroyed properties to weaken the economy of the class ruling over them and have physically harmed or taken the lives of the ruling class’ foot soldiers acting as the enforcement arm of their agenda.

And, it’s because of the efforts of these revolutionaries, who’ve practiced this strategy worldwide, that cops who overwhelmingly get slaps on the wrist or who don’t get charged for committing acts of white supremacist violence against innocent black people are being charged with 2nd-degree murder and aiding and abetting murder.

It was the work of the demonstrators in the streets that tore down statues of American Nazis, like Christopher Colombus and Jefferson Davis, and that forced DA’s to properly charge dirty, racist cops and mayors to come out of hiding to answer to the police terrorism that occurred under their watch, in municipalities across the nation.

And, it was these freedom fighters who took on the powers that be under the banner of obtaining justice for innocent black people who have been harmed or murdered by racist civilians and by individuals who are state-sanctioned. And, that “justice” translates to one thing and to one thing only: harsh punishment for those who do so, as in life in prison with no chance of parole.

Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor (a person who actually saved lives for a living), George Floyd and the countless of other black men and women who have lost their lives to the racist civilians and law enforcement agents, who are protected for doing so by the system of race, are the sole motivation and purpose of these uprisings you see happening across America.

As is the case with any movement dedicated to empowering black Americans in our society, other groups with different social interests seek to swoop in and ride the coattails of the black people who have lineage back to slavery in this country. Black people who are native to this country have been systematically targeted in every metric of the society since this country’s inception for the purposes of making us a permanent underclass, which we have always been in America.

One of the ways this caste system is maintained is through terrorism–random acts of unprovoked violence inflicted on black people to traumatize black people into not fighting back.

Despite this tactic the white supremacists utilize, the descendants of the former slaves, like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ida B. Wells, Huey Newton, and the black millennials and the Gen Z-ers in the streets have forced the system of white supremacy to do things it was not designed to do–things like producing actual justice.

The LGBT community, ran by white people and with no black people in positions of power within its community, has attempted to hijack the movement for their own agenda, just like they did with the Black Lives Matter official organization back during the Ferguson demonstrations in response to the unjust murder of Michael Brown at the hands of a racist cop.  And, it’s because of this compromisation that I no longer use the hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter.  I only use #PoethnicJustice or #NoAntiBlackRacism to properly define what the discourse should be in regards to what is in the best interest of black people.  

The LGBT community has attempted to switch the focus away from the need for there to be severe punishment for white supremacists who commit acts of violence against black American citizens to, “There are some black trans people who were killed this year, too, so it’s the exact same thing as what black people as a whole are going through, and you can’t forget to mention them if you’re advocating for the rights of black people.”

When it comes to the number of trans people who were killed this year and last year compared to the grotesque and gruesome number of black people who were killed at the hands of white supremacist, cop violence, it’s a drop in the bucket.  Comparing trans murders to the generations-long murder of millions of black people in this country at the hands of white supremacy is like comparing how many people die from lung cancer to how many people die from car accidents.

Those are two unrelated causes of death, so there is literally no reason to mention them in the same conversation together because they require two totally separate remedies to rectify them. 

And, what the white-owned media apparatuses and the LGBT community don’t tell you is that the overwhelming majority of those black trans deaths occurred because of the fact they were black people who were sex workers.  Prostitution, in and of itself, is an incredibly dangerous line of work.

The fact of the matter is, black trans people are discriminated against in the workforce, not because of their sexual orientation; they’re discriminated against because of their blackness, just like ALL black people are in this society.  Therefore, just like straight black people, many of them can’t find employment, so they end up prostituting themselves out to make a living, and a good majority of the time they end up entertaining white people who have tranny fetishes and who only want black people for gutter sex.

And, it’s when these black trans and gay people get around these white sexual degenerates that they wind up dead (Shout out to Ed Buck and Jeffrey Dahmer). The reason trans black people are forced to resort to such means to make a living is because, when it comes to the tangible resources the LGBT is able to obtain through policy, legislation, and nonprofit contributions, they give NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING to the black members of their community.

Yet, they have no problem hijacking the movement of #BlackLivesMatter to steal the fruits of labor that the efforts of black people who came out of slavery have produced in this country.

Let me make this clear in no uncertain terms, there is no equivocation of the black struggle and LGBT issues. Unless the LGBT community takes an unapologetic stance against systematic white supremacy and until it punishes the white supremacists amongst its own ranks (shout out Milo Yiannopoulos), there will be no such thing as intersectionality.  Black people who descend from slavery are the most oppressed and persecuted group of people on the face of the planet, and that has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

We’re being murdered in the streets in cold blood because of our skin color, not because of who we choose to lay up with nor because of what gender we identify with.

#TransLivesMatter is another version of #AllLivesMatter.  This hashtag and narrative were created for the sole purposes of taking the focus off obtaining justice for black people and as a method of piggybacking off the efforts of black people, in order to funnel non-profit contributions away from black hands and into members of the white LGBT community.

Ally-ship requires reciprocation, and until I see the LGBT community going to war with this system that has specifically attacked black people who descend from American slavery, in every area of human activity, I don’t want to ever hear the word “intersectionality” ever again in my life.  Black people are being exterminated economically, through gentrification, and through all-out, literal genocide. The survival of black people as human beings is far more important than who one hops into bed with or what gender they identify as.

It makes logical sense that the survival of a sect of the population who has been designated for genocide should be the top priority for black people and for every other non-black person in America who claims to believe in the Constitution of the United States. Discussions about sexual orientation or gender identification are pushed by white media to take the conversation away from what black people are owed in this country and from this country.

Trans people aren’t being murdered on videotape and then having an entire judicial, social, and media apparatus to protect the killers.  That only happens to people when they’re killed for being black.

To my black LGBT people out there talking about #TransLivesMatter, don’t expect the LGBT community to call for the punishment of white supremacists if they harm you or one of your loved ones.  They sure as hell didn’t when those two black men winded up dead in Ed Buck’s apartment. You’re being played by them.  However, expect them to capitalize on your death or the demise of one of your family members by promoting the narrative that systemic black oppression is the exact same thing as gender identity oppression.

Upon which, they will start a donation campaign to funnel money to white hands, not you nor your family.   

If they haven’t sworn to go to war with systematic white supremacy on your behalf, then, they were never your allies from the beginning, and any agenda they present should be dismissed and not taken seriously.

One Love & One Justice,



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