How Black Students Are Punished for Being Intelligent

This is a clip of a broadcast from a platform I've been listening to the past several years, and, in the hour-and-a-half-long presentation, there was a particular sound bite that stood out to me.  

I can relate intimately to what was said about how black students, in both grade school and higher ed, are viewed as threats by school districts as a collective when those black students are articulate, confident, exhibiting excellence, or when they have a thirst for knowledge. White simultaneously, the goofy, mush mouth, unruly, and undisciplined students are given a designated spot as the class clown or a spot on the football team. 

When I was younger, I never could understand why the class clown or the jock, who barely had any time to study because football practice was 3 hours after school, always managed to get straight A's and B's while I struggled to get C's. Now I understand why.

I hope others in the Poethnic Justice family can relatee.

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