The Real Reason MLK Was Murdered

Despite how much white society tries to water down MLK's legacy, I wanted to present to you the real reason he was murdered by white supremacist government operatives.

The whole reason white privilege/white supremacy exists is because those who are classified as white don't want to have to fairly compete for resources in the society. Integration, as MLK stated in this video, was easy and didn't cost the country anything. Once MLK began advocating for economic empowerment for black people to rival the white economy–as he alluded to in his statement about black people being owed billions of dollars (now trillion in this day and age)–that is when they put a bullet to his head.

Symbolic gestures by the white supremacists mean nothing. Black people who descend from slavery require concrete tangibles that put us in a position of power, which is what the white supremacists are most afraid of.

One Love & One Justice,

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