How the “Anti-Asian” Narrative Is Used Against American Black People

Over 100 years of slavery, sharecropping, reparations being given to former slaveholders who lost profits from chattel slavery, convict leasing, Jim Crow, white economic terrorism, systematic lynchings, segregation, biological warfare, redlining, gerrymandering, no reparations, job discrimination, eminent domain, mass incarceration, anti-black state-sanctioned, police violence, psychological violence, gentrification, social replacement by immigration: These are the intentional and systematically targeted forms of oppression the black citizens who built America from scratch have had to endure and overcome since this country’s inception.

While the United States Government has provided some forms of restitution, by way of financial compensation and land allotments for
Japanese Americans, Native Americans, and the European Jews (for the Holocaust which didn’t even happen on American soil), this nation has NEVER provided compensation to those who built this nation’s infrastructure from nothing.  The U.S. Govt. has a debt it owes to those who built the economic framework of this country through free African labor.

They were never financially compensated for building the physical infrastructure and the wealth that allowed for America to become a global financial superpower, in order for them to build a viable economy, to live prosperous lives, and for them to be able to pass that wealth down through their generations.    

No other non-white group here in America and no other group in human history has had to endure the hardships and brokenness inflicted by white supremacist entities like the American black slaves and their descendants have.  

Reparations should be directly paid to those who descend from the labor force who built this country for free, at the tune of $20,000,000,000, if we calculate how much money was generated during slavery, how much money this country generates yearly, how many tax breaks big corporations receive, and the pain and suffering black people have had to deal with in this country under white supremacy.  And, that would just be the first fiscal down payment.  

This current democrat administration,
who owes black people the main credit for putting them in office, understands what black people are owed in this country just like all white democrats and their non-white operatives/colleagues do.  The problem though, unbeknownst to most black people, is that we represent the descendants of an outdated labor force.  

Since the system of white supremacy has been cultivated to a point where black people are no longer needed to bolster its economic dominance, the goal for those who have control over that economy is to eliminate and remnants of that workforce.  And, the reason why is because the descendants of American slaves are, quite simply, taking up resources.  The whole entire objective of creating the social construct of white privilege/white supremacy was so that a group of people classified as “white” would not have to fairly compete for resources and social influence.  

Continuing to share the resources in society with the descendants of the very people who built your wealth, power, and influence is counterproductive if you’re trying to maintain a system of unearned goodies, giveaways, and benefits based on skin color.  

As per the aforementioned strategies of black destruction I listed in the first paragraph, this is why there’s been such a steady and gradual extermination campaign against black people for so long in this country, and one of the strategies both the Republicans and the Democrats use is
benign neglect.  

One of the ways they utilize benign neglect is by focusing the attention away from the righteous and justified anger and demands black people have by shifting the social focus onto the mistreatment of other non-white groups.  Furthermore, they will utilize media (which is all white-owned) to make black people the face of that mistreatment, not the white supremacists who are the only ones who have the social power needed to orchestrate the entire narrative.  

They will point to any instance of a black person harming another non-black person and claim it’s “black racism,” and they’ll say it’s just as bad as the centuries-long systematic racism that has been inflicted on black people.  

This whole
“anti-Asian racism” narrative being promoted in the media lately is just the latest attempt to take the attention off of what black people are owed in this country.  As citizens who’ve been here longer than any other immigrant group and as the group that has been systematically targeted in every area of human activity, our justice claim HAS NOT been delivered.  Therefore, there are no comparable claims of racism you will ever have to what black people have gone through in this country.

Furthermore, it is not black people’s responsibility to defend non-black immigrant groups.  Black people, like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Huey Newton, Ida B. Wells, and Fred Hampton, have consistently fought against systematic white supremacy, and we’ve consistently invited non-black groups to join us in our fight only to be denied by them or to have them identify with whiteness and
join in with the oppressor class in their onslaught against black people.

This anti-Asian racism narrative is just another distraction to keep the masses talking about any and everything other than the debt this American government owes to black people in the form of direct cash payments,
just like how HR-40 was.  Black people don’t have the social power to oppress other groups, so the Asian’s fight to not be discriminated against is not with us; it’s with the white supremacists who control every way in which we live life.  

Black people DO NOT sit around thinking of ways to hurt any other group.  We’re too busy trying to survive this system that was erected for the sole purpose of wiping us out.

No racism against any other group by the white supremacists can ever be properly dealt with or rectified until black people are made whole and remediated for this country’s original sins of African genocide.

One Love & One Justice,      ​


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