Always Blame the Black Guy: Anti-Black Dehumanizing Tactics

To The People,

Recently, a tremendously tragic event went down at the
Astroworld Festival in Houston, which is an annual music festival run by the hip hop artist Travis Scott.  The details of what exactly occurred that night of Nov. 5 are still trickling in, but what is certain is that 8 poor souls lost their lives at an event that was supposed to be festive and to be a time for people to connect and commune.  Any time there is a large crowd of people, there is always the risk of something like this occurring where 1 or more people are frightened by something, and then they attempt to evade the threat or the perceived threat.  Doing so, in turn, causes the next person in the crowd to panic, and that person repeats the same action and so on and so on until the entire crowd is engulfed by hysteria, like a flower in a wildfire.

Fight or flight kicks in for a large number of people, and, since there are so many individuals in the crowd, people can’t get out of the way fast enough.  Therefore, all reason and sensibility are no longer present amongst hundreds of people.  There’s only the primal need to survive (this is why I’ve never really done large crowds of people), and people do anything to escape the dangerous situation.

Apparently, Travis Scott was hyping the crowd up, which most musical performers do, by saying things like “Put your hands in the air” or “Everybody move side to side.” Heck Fat Joe put out a song named “Lean Back” which was a song basically demanding crown participation.  My point is that is extremely common for musicians to pump up the crowd and to get them involved in the performance themselves to a degree.

Unfortunately for Travis and for the people who were hurt or killed, one of the commands he gave resulted in a large group of people moving forward in unison, and that ended up crushing several individuals.  Of course, people began to panic and to flee in response to the danger, and others were trampled in the process which ended up in hundreds of people being injured. 

similar event was depicted in the movie Selena, where the crowd surged forward and pinned individuals at the front toward the gate under the stage.  And in the movie, no one noticed it was happening until the gate began to push against the stage itself, and they felt it starting to collapse.

Clearly, this was an unfortunate and tragic accident, and any time there’s a large group of people there’s a chance of something like this happening (Again, this is one of the reasons why I don’t do large crowds).  Whether or not there were any safety guidelines certain parties failed to adhere to and whether or not negligence is involved remains to be seen.  And, those responsible should be punished, if that’s the case.  The point is, though, that information just hasn’t come out yet.

That said, you already know (and if you didn’t know) the white media NEVER skips a chance to demonize black people.  A couple of months ago, you had no less than MSNBC vilifying the music artist DaBaby, claiming he went on this outrageously offensive, homophobic rant while he was performing.  Let them tell it, and you’d be thinking he was just up on stage yelling and screaming the f-word over and over and over again and that he was encouraging violence against members of the alphabet community, when all he literally said to the crowd was, “If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two to three weeks, put your cellphone lighter up.” Not one word against gays…at all.

Even more recently, you had white media outlets like USA Today leading their “stink pieces” with headlines like “Netflix walkout over Dave Chappelle is not just a matter of transgender rights and dignity.” Nevermind the fact none of the writers over at USA Today, nor The New York Times, nor The Washington Com-Post (as our brother Professor Black Truth calls it), could specifically quote what it was Dave Chappell said, word-for-word and line-by-line, that was “transphobic” nor could they specifically articulate to their viewers why what he said was transphobic.

By the way, here’s a brief aside, but I feel I should ask.  When it comes to all those people who walked out over at Netflix because of some kind of “outrage” at something Dave Chappelle said, where was this same energy of taking this staunch stance of defending “rights and dignity” when Netflix was planning to air that creepy ass show “Cuties?” You know, that show that was going to portray underaged 11 and 12-year-olds dancing around provocatively in revealing clothing.  Where were all the walkouts then? 

Where were all these excoriating pieces by white media outlets like The New York Times to go in on Netflix for exploiting children?  Well I sure as hell can’t tell where they went on an intensive media campaign against Netflix.

However, I can show you instances where they backed them for wanting to show that type of programming.  Yeah…but…let’s put all our attention, energy, and condemnation on Dave Chappelle…just for…saying something.  Supposedly, it was so transphobic no one can even explain what it was nor why it was transphobic, but let’s pay credence to that.

Whether it’s Ice Cube being labeled a Trump supporter and sellout for simply just talking to Republicans about a plan specifically and exclusively for Black America or whether it’s reporters like Felicia Sonmez over at the Washington Com-post accusing Kobe Bryant of rape–when his case was thrown out in the court of law–immediately after he and his daughter were just killed in a helicopter crash, it’s never bad time to demonize, vilify, and slander a black man. 

By the way on another quick brief aside here, Ice Cube offered to talk to the Democrats before the 2020 election about his plan for Black America, and the Dems said they were too busy at the time and that they would get back to him after the election.  Just an FYI, they still haven’t gotten back to him on that.  That just goes to show how much the Democrats prioritize black issues. 

It’s been a full year since the election, and still no sitdown.  The Republican party is just as racist as the day is long, and even they made time to at least have a sitdown about something that could potentially benefit black people.  What does that say about the Demon-ocrats?

And now, we’ve reached the point in the news cycle where the latest object of phony outrage has been hosted up by the white media for all the closeted and casual racists to get all hot and bothered about.  Karens, the soccer mom who lives in the suburbs, can now get on the keyboard and condemn some black rapper she knows nothing about because she finally has an excuse to dump on a black man and not look racist for doing so.

Now, I’m not writing this to defend Travis Scott.  I don’t know this person from a can of paint, and I’ve personally never listened to his music.  I believe I heard him featured on another artist I do listen to, and that’s the extent of my knowledge in regards to Travis Scott.  This isn’t about Travis Scott at all.  This is about the continuous onslaught of dehumanizing, anti-black propaganda, at the hands of the white media, that they’ve been gushing out into the social atmosphere through these filthy propaganda outfits, parading themselves “news.”

And, to all these so-called liberal and conservative white people (It’s mostly been white women) I’ve been seeing online hiding your racism behind talking points like, “Clearly Travis Scott doesn’t give a damn about his fans and just cares about money.” First of all, most of you didn’t even know who Travis Scott was until a couple of days ago.  Hell I didn’t really know who he was like that, and I’m a Hip Hop head, so I know you sure as hell didn’t.

Secondly, more and more black people are beginning to recognize white society’s phony outrage for what it is–their excuse to attack a black person while at the same time not appearing racist and the justification the white media provided them with to be indifferent about the persecution of their black societal neighbors occurring on the same soil they stand upon, on a daily basis.  The white media is the daily drug they ingest, in order to have the luxury of not even having to feel guilty for not performing any substantive action to topple the wicked system that has benefited them and that has targeted us and that has been of detriment to the planet as a whole.

Systematic racism, which is based and is exclusively built upon anti-black racism, cannot function properly at providing unearned financial and social benefits to those it has classified as white without some level of complicity from the general public.  And when I say “complicity,” indifference and complacency fall into that category, when it comes to not actively doing anything to end the plight of black people.  They need to endlessly run dehumanization campaigns against black people, primarily black men, because there has to be a justification provided for the mistreatment of black people in America and all across the world.

There are 2 justifications the media needs to administer.  The first justification given to the public is meant for purpose of excusing the powers that be for orchestrating and maintaining the destruction of black society and another justification they provide to the general public.

The second justification is given for the purpose of easing the conscience of the public on an individual basis–so that on both a conscious and unconsciously level, white society, and sadly even people in black society can say to themselves “I mean if black people are out here raping all these girls, and being homophobic, and being transphobic, and practicing all this toxic masculinity…why, that just as bad and being racist so everybody is equally oppressed and we shouldn’t do anything about racism until we fix these other problems.”

This is the mindset they’re trying to shape when it comes to what is to be done about white supremacy, the greatest form of evil the world has ever known.  The majority of you reading that, most likely, have subscribed to that line of thinking at one point or another, whether you’d like to admit it or not.  And, that’s because the white media, which we’ve all been subjected to, doesn’t exist in order to properly inform the public, not in the sense most people assume that it does. 

The white media’s only 2 jobs are to give a daily update on how well the status quo/racial pecking order is or isn’t being maintained and mind-shaping by any means necessary.  And, a huge part of the way they accomplish that is by associating any and everything bad happening in the world with blackness.

The white right and the left-wing media both engage in this.  When Trayvon Martin was killed, you had Fox News up there trying to find a way to blame him for his own death at the hands of white supremacists, and, when Cosby was on trial, CNN did an entire documentary on him but didn’t bother to do one about Harvey Weinstein, who has a mountain of physical evidence and specifically corroborated accusations against him.  Cosby literally had no physical evidence against him to prove he committed any crime, which is why he’s no longer in prison now.

The last I heard about Harvey Weinstein, he’d been released from a prison in New York and was extradited to California to face more charges, but that was back in July.  There’s been no word on if that creep is was sent back to jail.  Go ahead, try to look it up.

The white media criminalizes us for any and everything whenever it sees an opportunity to do so.  If a kid falls in a gorilla pit at a zoo in Cincinnati,
blame the black father who wasn’t even there when it happened.  Yet, if I white kid gets eaten by an alligator at Disney World,  go on and on about how much of a tragedy it was and about how the parents had no idea there were lives gators in the water, even though the park said there were, and about how no one could have seen such a tragedy coming.  And, go cut a bunch of alligators open until you find the remains of the kid while you’re at it…by the way.  That was totally going to bring the kid back.

If a black guy gets murdered in broad daylight by a cop kneeling on his neck, while several other cops stand around why he suffocates to death, blame the black person for having drugs in his system.  Ya know because if he wasn’t doing all those drugs, he’d still be here today don’t ya know.  We know what the cause of death officially was based on the autopsy results, but just still report that drugs might still be a possibility of white he died.

If a black man peacefully takes a knee at a football game, well ya know he’s just practicing division by kneeling.  He’s making people polarized.  He’s the REAL reason the country is so divided.  People like him are the reason there’s a racial divide in this country.  Never mind there’s was over a century of forced chattel slavery and then there was Jim Crow, racial terrorism, convict leasing, segregation, redlining, imminent domain, mass incarceration, gentrification, job discrimination, housing discrimination, and state-sanctioned murders at the hands of police.  It’s really that black guy that made us so divided.

And when it comes to a situation like what happened at the Astroworld Festival, as horribly tragic as it is, that was clearly a non-discriminatory accident that could have happened at any concert and any venue.  The media still found a way to blame the incident on a black man.

When they do things like report videos of people chanting “Stop the show” and of people coming up on stage to supposedly plead with him to stop performing, how can anyone verify those videos are from that particular event?  Because, you know people don’t give videos to media for clout, right?  Because, people never submit fake videos in the hopes of going viral for 15 minutes, even at the expense of other people’s death, right?

Personally, I don’t know if the accusations made against Travis are real or not.  I wasn’t there and neither was the white media, and, since there isn’t any detailed video longer than 2 minutes actually showing what actually happened in its entirety, they need to stop suggesting this tragedy should somehow be placed on him.  They need to stop signaling to people through blatant anti-black propaganda that, “Somehow and someway this darkie has something to do with it and everyone knows he did because anytime something bad happens ya just know a black man has gotta be behind it in some form or fashion.”

Now, family, I didn’t go through into all this withering detail to try to convince white liberals they should wage an all-out war with white supremacy.  That’s clearly a fool’s errand.  White people, in general, have far too much invested in this system, and they collectively understand the success of whether it continues affording them unearned goodies, giveaways, and benefits is dependent on how badly we’re doing as a group.  I don’t waste my time on such fruitless tasks, for the simple fact, the dominant society gauges how well white supremacy is doing as a system based on how poorly black people are doing.

I wrote this piece for the purpose of giving other black people context as to how the white media’s agenda operates.  In terms of how they report on individuals like Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, DaBaby, Dave Chappell, and Travis Scott, I want to make sure other black people don’t succumb to the social engineering the white media engages in.  Again, this isn’t about defending Travis Scott; this is about exposing the agenda at work so that you, as a black person, can properly navigate this society in a way that empowers you.

If you give about a month or two, mark my words, there’ll be another black man that the white media they’ll be zeroing in on to social lynch.  I mean never mind the fact Kyle Rittenhouse and Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan are all on trial right now for engaging in white supremacists activities.  You’d think the news would be focused on these thugs who unconstitutionally murdered innocent human beings in cold blood, but instead, it’s, “No we gotta focus on this rapper guy because that’s what’s reeeeeally important because he’s the real problem we need to worry about, not those white guys who murdered innocent citizens like it was nothing.”

Family, all that to say, don’t go believing the anti-black garbage these major networks pump out.  Don’t let the subliminal and the overt messages they use to pacify the consciences of the dominant society start to affect the way you perceive yourself.  This is why continuing to ingest news that doesn’t serve your best interest is not a victimless crime.  As I’ve said in one of my previous pieces, even if you’re hip to the game as to what is going on around you, if you hear and see the lies long enough, you’ll start to believe them no matter how strong-willed you are.

Black men don’t have the social nor financial power to determine where white people can and cannot live, to determine what they can and cannot see on a daily basis, nor to determine what their quality of life should look like.  Therefore, we don’t have the power to systematically enforce homophobia, sexism, transphobia, or Anti-Asian racism.  Any media outlets who make it a point to associate blackness with any of those labels I just named is in direct opposition to the progress of black society.  And, that goes for the black sellouts working for them who do their bidding.

So, family, I will leave you with this.  If month after month, you see black man after black man being demonized in the media but don’t see white men who are not only doing the same thing but at a much higher frequency not being demonized more so, then, what does that tell?  What it tells you is this: If it looks like crap, smells like crap, and attracts flies like crap, you don’t need to eat it to verify that it tastes like crap. 

One Love & One Justice,


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