The Importance of Black People Knowing How To Carry out Plans: 3 Simple Tips To Make You a Better Planner


As black people, living under a system designed to bring constant chaos to our lives, it's important we, as a collective, know how to counteract that system with effective planning and strategizing skills. As the old saying goes, "Winner plan to win; losers fail to plan."

Systematic racism's goal is for us to fail in every area of society. We live under a system that constantly seeks to distract us and to keep our energy spent on activities that either don't better us as a people or that are to our detriment.

I wanted to give 3 simple and practical tips I utilize in my own life that have brought me success, and I believe these are useful practices we can all take advantage of to produce counteractive elements to the system of white supremacy/ anti-black racism. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter in the comment section below. 

Let's discuss, family.  

One Love & One Justice,
The Stormy Poet



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