The Crow (Poem)


I feel there's so much many more should know
about the delightful nature of the crow

They're seen as figures of death and doom,
when they're actually signs it's time for spring's bloom.

They keep annoying pests' numbers at bay,
and they clean up the scraps we clumsily throw away.

Their playful laugh is similar to the one we make,
which reminds us how alike we are to the creatures we often forsake.

They dive and claw in unity to fend off bigger birds of prey,
and they commune, break bread, and play in the branches all day.

They're smarter than the cat, the dog, or the Eagle,
and being black shouldn't tie them with evil.

From the Soul,

#Poetry #Nature #Birdwatcher #Birdwatching #Poem #LiteraryArt #TheStormyPoet #Crows

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