Things We Never Think of but Should Much More (Poem)


Such tiny minds tormentingly race each other amidst buildings so tall.
Such a pitiful activity has caused them to think any miracle could ever be small.

...the first words you speak when you wake every morning.

...the fact you really do learn something new every single day.

...the body containing 30 trillion cells all working on your behalf.

...the fact something must always give up its life for you just to eat.

...the epiphany that the very reason we were ever born was the product of countless generations and interactions of love before us.

...the thought of what our parents were like as children, teens, and young adults.

...the fact we need to, literally, go unconscious for several hours every night just to be able to survive the hours we are conscious.

...possessing the knowledge that everything we know, love, or hate is being pulled down by a giant ball of iron and nickel 18 hundred miles below our feet.

...realizing everything you've accomplished couldn't have been obtained without the sacrifices of countless others you know not the names of.

...the fact a nuclear reaction 94 million miles away sustains your life and the lives of everyone you know.

...having a magical bowl we can sit on and stand at to throw every kind of waste we as humans can generate, daily, just to have it transported far away from our homes for a stranger to deal with and for us to never think about it ever again

...the idea, on average, that it takes a human a fifth of a second to fall in love.

...the realization that the best things in life are either free or extremely cheap--a rainbow, a stranger's smile, a kiss, a shower after a workout, holding hands, getting your head scratched as you fall asleep, the seasons, humor, sunlight, the rain, your child's laughter, a tree's shade, a perfectly timed breeze slicing through your sweat on a hot day, a crackling fire on a cold night, moonlight, and the act of doing a good deed without someone knowing you did it.

Dear Minds, 
I implore you,
be no longer tiny nor a slave to the race. 
Your thoughts being more of the intro- and retrospective kinds
leads you to how the act of 
tore you from freely-given grace.

From the Soul,


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