Florida Shooting: Its Correlation with Systematic Racism

Fellow Comarades,

Systematic white supremacy is the driving force behind the consistent continuation of these mass shootings. Unfortunately, until America begins to acknowledge and thoroughly examine their correlation, these “white identity extremist” will continue to slaughter countless more innocent men, women, and children.

And, DON’T dare say it’s too early to talk about solutions or gun regulation because it happened just yesterday. This happens almost every other week, so, by that logic, it’ll never be the right time to talk about it.

I recently wrote an article entitled, “America Keeps Giving White Supremacy a Pass,” and, if you’ve had the chance to read it, you understand that is exactly what is happening in the most recent case of ‘Murica’s most recent mass slaughter.  United State Inc. is, yet again, giving it another pass and letting it off the hook.

No one else gets off the hook like that.  If a Muslim or really anyone of Middle-Eastern decent would have shot up a bunch of people, they would be trying to tie that in with terrorism/extremism, and the media would have used that situation to push the narrative that we need to be defended more heavily from the terrorists aka the outside forces of evil to justify to the public we need more military funding aka the continued promotion of the military-industrial complex.

If a black man would have shot up a bunch of people, they would have blamed it on “blacks being innately more violent than any other demographic“–even though you seldom see us showing up anywhere and blasting away a bunch of people we don’t know.  On top of that, there would have been no safe capture of the shooter as was the case for yesterdays perpetrator, you wouldn’t have known specifics about his background other than he was a hopeless and unforgivable degenerate, and he definitely wouldn’t have had the privilege of having due process.

The media would’ve framed the conversation not around us need tougher guns laws, like they do when the shooter is classified as white, but us needing the law enforcement to be tougher on crime.

Or, they would’ve spun it into a “race” thing, making it seem like there is a slew of “big bad wolf” groups of black people out here hellbent on killing white people. They would have used it as an excuse to began excessively and unconstitutionally policing areas where black people are densely populated.

They would have used it as excuse to begin keeping surveillance on and infiltrating organizations who are dedicated to challenging and dismantling white supremacy, just like how the CIA did with the Black Panthers and how the FBI did recently by creating a new classification of terrorism–a term that was given no concrete definition but we, if we can put two and two together, can tell that it means anyone who identifies with Black Empowerment.

When tragedies like this occur, I hear people often ask stuff like,” What could have been going through that guy’s mind that would make him shoot up those innocent people like that?”

What was going through Stephen Paddock’s head when he murdered 58 people who were minding their own business at a country concert?

What was going through the head Dylan Roof who murdered 9 innocent people during church service?

What was going through Devin Kelley’s head, while he wore a mask with a design that is affiliated with the neo-nazis by the way, when he walked into a church and murdered 26 people, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child?

What was going through the mind of James Holmes when he ran into a movie theater and killed 9 people who were just enjoying a movie with the loved ones and completely defenseless?

In response, I never like to jump straight to the “mental illness” or the “person at the end of his rope” stigma that gets attached to these mass shootings.  People get bullied and have mental illness all over the planet, but, yet, America leads all the world’s countries in mass public shootings.  Plus, that puts a demonized stigma on people with mental illness who are non-violent, and it takes the attention off the root of the social issue at hand.  We don’t consider that these people can be completely sane and can be making a very conscious choice to end life.

What was going through their minds, although somewhat varying from shooter to shooter, was almost unanimous, and it was a concept that’s been intently engineered, groomed, and force-fed to them their entire lives, via virtually every form of media in existence.

The Message: “If an individual is classfied as or identifies as white (because the vast majority of these men committing this murders are, unfortunately) you are supreme (even over white women), you are unequivocally dominant, your perception of the world is the only one that is valid and that matters, you’re the epitome of evolution of the human race, that every other group should be subjugated to you even if it’s to that group’s detriment, that you can do no wrong and only other groups can, and that anyone who opposes your will, whether it be the collective will of the dominant society or your own personal will, deserves your judgment and wrath to the degree you see fit” (godlike).

If you’re wife put a restraining order on you because of a domestic violence charge and you don’t want the judicial system bossing you around, a whole church deserves to know how angry you are about it.  Like the brother Professor Black Truth said, Devin Kelly didn’t walk into that church with those weapons thinking, “This is a house of the Lord.” He walked in there thinking, “I am god because society tells me I am (godlike).”

Society says, “Dylan Roof, you and people like you are dominant over blacks, so go run up in a church shoot completely unarmed men and women. “You might have to go to jail and possibly get the chair, but you will be seen as a martyr and hero by all who subscribe ideology systematic dominance.  The media will paint you in the most positive light possible, and you’ll at least go out as a legend.”

And, as long as white supremacy dominates every area of human activity, including politics, don’t expect any gun laws to be changed any time soon.  White supremacy is backed by bullets (the military), and the dominant society needs weapons to keep every other group, including black folks, in line.  And, unless we’re adamantly and ferociously willing to become educated, involved and immersed in the politics, on the local, state, and federal level to dismantle unjust systems, don’t think for a second that marching and protesting alone is going to get it done!

I’m NOT saying that white men nor white people, in general, are the problem.  I’m saying that we must begin to understand the kind of environment systematic racism has created in America, and we must begin to accept what it will take to change that.  Because, white supremacy is not only a system.  It is also a culture, and culture is powerful because it becomes tradition, which we, at many times, don’t know to question.

White supremacy is a form of degeneracy, and it is a form that cannot be contained.  It spills over into other areas of society, like lava over the side of a volcano into the town below.  And, unfortunately, this spill-over, in this case, is an indirect exacerbater of the phenomenon, mass shootings.  Therefore, it’s EVERYONE’S (white, Latino, Asian, Black, etc.) responsibility to learn how to dismantle it and to put forth the effort to end it.

And the fact of the matter is, most legislators on Capitol Hill know this but can see the bigger picture in regards to holding power in the long-run.  If a few “white sacrifices” have to occur, by letting violent thugs like Devin Kelly who “supposedly” suffered from mental illness, to keep the power structure in place, it’s a small price for them to pay and a terrible cost for the rest of us.

One Love & One Justice,


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