Kanye Isn’t the Only Black Man Sucking up to White Supremacy

Before I begin delving into the topic at hand, firstly, Family, please allow me to address my disdain for the lazy assessment the majority that the black folks I’ve spoken with knee-jerkingly blurt out as the reasoning behind yeezy’s past and most current zany antics.  Black people, can we please, please, please stop chalking every gut-churning public display of low-life sellout-ism vilely propped up front-and-center, spewed out from the so-called “black” public figures we should’ve exiled from all conversation and thought engaged in amongst black people, to mental illness.

Because let me ask, what mental illness causes someone to so willingly become an outspoken advocate, directly to very the commander in thief himself, for the upholding of racist policies and/or inaction in the way of reversing unjust legislation that is directed towards the detriment of the very people from whom they descended?

As far as a know, there’re no known mental illnesses to a name where one of the symptoms is the inhibited urge to sell out your own people.  If I’m wrong though, feel free to point me to it.  There are people I know who are battling depression and/or anxiety, and they are still down with dismantling white supremacy.

Not only is chalking up the oh-so pathetic and cowardly behavior displayed by your Clarence Thomass, Oprahs, Sherrif Clarkes, Steven A. Smiths, Ben Carsons, Stacey Dashs and Kayne Wests of the world unfairly tagging an inaccurate and negative stigma on those who actually do suffer from a mental illness (incorrectly assigning symptoms versus ones that are assessed and diagnosed by a professional), but we, if we’re keeping it real, use that excuse as a way for us to subconsciously BS ourselves. 

We use this excuse as a way to give these so-called “black” public figures, ones we’ve needlessly held so dear to hearts for far too much of our lives and who couldn’t give a dam about the overall state of black folks, some kind of a pass.

You see, if we can repeat this mindless dribble to ourselves over and over again like (and I was one of the people doing this at one point), “Ye just ain’t been the same after his mom died,” “The Kardashians mentally screw up all the men they date,” “Ye is just going through unresolved depression,” or “He just needs someone to come and give him an intervention,” we can take all accountability off the individual. 

We say this to ourselves to psychologically convince us, “It’s not Kanye’s fault he’s acting this way; it’s just  that ol’ mental illness talking.”

Mental illness: It’s the same exact excuse mainstream media feeds the masses when some white guy shoots up a concert or a school, and that same propagated method of analysis is one black people have adopted all too willingly.

As the great Maya Angelou so eloquently articulated, “When people show who they are, believe them.” Am I, myself, shocked or outraged at yeezy’s most current display of coonism?  Why the hell would I be?

When he intentionally married into a family whose business’ model was clearly the fetishization and exploitation of black men and the cultural appropriation of black women, he was showing us who he really was.

When he announced his allegiance to dump onstage in front of thousands of fans back in 2016, he was showing us who he really was.

When he said “400 years of slavery was choice”–because black people never tried to rebel and fight back against their oppressor, of course–he was showing us who he really was.

When he posed in a picture with alt-right members, with one of them throwing up the white power symbol, and with him wearing a “make amerikkka white again” hat, he was showing us who he really was and is. 

The sad part of it all is how many passes black America gives enemies of black progress before we have to realize they’re saboteurs working in hand-in-hand with the very parties who promote and enforce, with unyielding ferocity, the complete systematic destruction of black society.

Kanye fully understands the role he’s voluntarily undertaken, and, since I referenced his “400 years of slavery” rant of lunacy earlier, the system of white supremacy has been enabled to endure as long as it has, including slavery, because of operatives like sleazy yeezy.

The roles the white supremacists have designated for him is to act as the “ambassador for all black people,” for the purpose discrediting other black figures who fight tooth and nail to combat systematic racism—the act of playing as the figure of mass distraction, preventing activists from receiving any kind of mainstream coverage and from creating widespread awareness–and to serve as the conscience pacifier of the average, everyday Joe, white and blue collar white supremacist, whose ears have been desperately itching to hear another black person say “There’s no such thing as white supremacy.”

They can justify in their own moldy, complacent hearts that if a black person, especially a bigtime celebrity negro with millions of dollars like Kanye West, says there’s no such thing as racism and that all black people need to do is work harder to improve their condition, then all the rest of those other negros must be just making excuses for why they’re doing so bad in society.  They must just be playing the old race card.

And, in doing so, he hopes to get some type of monetary benefits out of it.  Oh, and let me tell you, that really isn’t a good route to take because, when the white supremacists are done using black sellouts to do their bidding, they have no problem exposing of them.  Ask Cosby, who was all about the whole “black people are their own worst enemy” notion, and, when you’re done with him, go ask Stacey Dash how that worked out for her.

It’s people like Kayne Coon-fest who willingly choose to play team white supremacy that’ve consistently hampered the remediation and progression of #AADOS.

It’s been the individuals like Kayne West who’ve thwarted slave rebellions by feeding information about the plan for rebellion from the field to the slave masters.

It’s people like Kanye West who’ve historically been willing to infiltrate groups challenging white supremacy like Muslim Mosque, Inc., Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and the Black Panthers, for the purpose of feeding intel to law enforcement agencies about their operations.

It’s politicians who are of the same mindset of a Kanye West who run for office on the Democratic ballot because they know black people, collectively, are just going to vote democratic all across the board, a knee-jerk, fear-based reaction black folks engage in when it comes to practicing politics.  Folks like him gain their way into office only to become complicit in the legislation directly detrimental to black people.  

It’s folks who are of sleezy-yeezy’s ilk who piss and moan about how unfair things are for black folks but won’t lift a finger to touch a single book or watch a single documentary on just how deeply white supremacy goes and what REAL kind of work is going to be needed to challenge and combat it.

It’s people like Ye who say we just need to pray more and that we need to just leave it up to God to fix black folks and to get us justice, but…yeah, The Maker also said stuff like:

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”

This is what the LORD Almighty said: ‘Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.”

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

Yeah, if you didn’t get the memo, God said we were supposed to be putting in some serious work, like the example Jesus set, while we’re here in on this Earth.  So yeah, I don’t think ye is walking with Jesus anymore these days.

Furthermore, case-and-point, while sleezy might be at the national center of attention for his latest display of utter idiocy, make no mistake, he ain’t no anomaly!  He is merely a product of a lifetime of indoctrination, the kind so influential and prominent that every person who is living in America society has been subjected to it.

And, rather than choosing to unlearn the oppressive, anti-black, subconscious messages that’ve been drilled into our heads since before we learned to talk, he–like the coon cowards who got MLK, Malcom X, and Fred Haptom brutally murdered–decided to play the game of “if you can’t beat the white supremacists, join ’em.” THAT’S NOT MENTAL ILLNESS; THAT WAS CONSCIOUS CHOICE ON HIS PART.

Don’t get it twisted.  People who are of his same mind frame are the same people in your family, even if they might not come out and say it.

These are people in your social circles who you hang out and party with.

These are the people you work with who will start taking an extra special interest in the quality level of your work performance–even when they aren’t your supervisor–the minute you start talking all that “black lives matter” business.

If you are a black or non-white person who prefers the company of primarily white people, which is exactly what sleezy is all about, you and he might be on the same page.

If you had everything in the world to say about how evil Cosby is, how much he deserves to die after his prison term and how rape culture is such a big issue but you’re quiet as a mouse pissing on cotton when it comes to the scores of black men in prison who get raped repeatedly, year after year, only to have every politician on  every level government not say a peep about it, I see NO difference between you and the man who sat in that chair in the oval office and disgraced every person who has stood up to white supremacy.

Sleezy yeezy is not, in any way, an anomaly.  If you take away one thing from this piece, leave with knowing Kanye West is not the only black person afraid to challenge or sucking up to white supremacy.  The number of individuals who are of similar mindsets are at epidemic proportions in black society, and they are one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of social progress for black people.

T.S.P Family, if there are any people you associate with, even family, who are going out of their way to not make white people uncomfortable about white supremacy or who are outright denying it exist, it’s time for all of us who believe in dismantling white supremacy to start weeding them out and cutting them off of from our lives completely.  

One Love & One Justice,



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3 thoughts on “Kanye Isn’t the Only Black Man Sucking up to White Supremacy

  1. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    “If you had everything in the world to say about how evil Cosby is, how much he deserves to die after his prison term and how rape culture is such a big issue but you’re quiet as a mouse pissing on cotton when it comes to the scores of black men in prison who get raped repeatedly, year after year, only to have every politician on every level government not say a peep about it, I see NO difference between you and the man who sat in that chair in the oval office and disgraced every person who has stood up to white supremacy. ”

    Excellent point! This entire read is on point!

    Speaking for myself, I have never listened to a damn thing Kanye West has ever had to say, rap or even mumble. Anything that could stoop low enough to ‘marry’ anyone of those nasty ass Kardashians has got to be worthless to begin with. And that coonhead sellout, Kanye West is most definitely worthless despite what his net worth may be. I don’t give a damn for that.

    Never would I sit up and play the coon to the point that he did and for what? A pat on his fucking head by those who consider themselves to be ‘superior’ to Black people when in reality, they are nothing more than a pasty-assed parasite. Whites are without compassion, empathy and humanity. Those parasites are welcome to Kanye since he is most definitely a house slave. He has the mindset of one. Whites love to see him play the coon for them and give him enough rope to try and hang us all while those who are truly out in the trenches battling against those parasites are to be silenced since dissent they want to put in check. As long as I live, I will continue to put it out there just who our enemy is and that only by the complete annihilation of that enemy, will we thrive. As long as one pasty-faced parasite still slithers among us, we are not free and with every fiber of my being, I hope that one day, the white parasite no longer slithers on this planet. It is OUR home, not theirs! To hell with Kanye West and to hell with the parasites he slithers up to. I don’t make excuses for anyone or anything and that includes Kanye West and those pasty-faced parasites he so loves.

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