Erode (Poem)


Life's not fair.

A leaf blower outside dashed my last 10 minutes before my alarm.

I then realized my commute gained 10 more.  Coming home last night--I was too tired to stop and get my tank off "E."

I saw my first roach.  It was gone before I could find one of my shoes. 

The shirt I had my heart set on wearing and that never fails to boost my confidence had a stain.

Garbage disposal juice splattered on my wrist.

I tripped over the other shoe.  

I remembered, a work meeting was scheduled exactly at my lunch later.

I hit every red light on my commute, and it's 10 minutes more 'cause of the whole "there're too many dam people in this city" kind of traffic. 

I accidentally made breakfast too salty, so, by then, I was thirsty.  But, the water cooler was empty at work. 

Everyone keeps saying I look tired, even the cute lady I like.  She never sees me when I'm actually wearing the shirt.

The scalding coffee finds a magical way to be wave-ier than normal, just to spill over and scorch my hand.  

It's only Tuesday.

The car began making a weird noise I've never heard before, on the way home.  

It starts raining right as a pull in--rain the news failed to forecast.  

I can't shower because of lightning.

Lightning and thunder keep me awake.  I have to be in even earlier tomorrow.

Even so, the stench I wreak of, called bitterness, is my fault and bidding alone.  For, sometimes we all need to be reminded that satan has never been in the business of playing fair.


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