White Supremacy Protecting Sexual Abuse of All Kinds

2 thoughts on “White Supremacy Protecting Sexual Abuse of All Kinds

  1. I agree! There will always be a double standard when it comes to white parasites committing heinous criminal acts since they write the laws that are only enforced against descendants of slaves. They will always tout us out as the perpetrators of deviancy when none can be more deviant, debased, filthy and immoral than the male/female white parasite!

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    1. Shelby,

      Much obliged ma’am.

      And to your point, we in black society, don’t really condone child molestation and rape like that. That is why white society that continuously turns a blind eye to the sexual degeneracy occurring in their own community. They are the ones with pedophilia and bestiality rings and who falsely occupy the Catholic clergy. Black people get that shit up out of the paint if anyone is on that nonsense in the community, and, if someone is one some nonsense, we ostracize them; we don’t turn a blind eye to their fuckery. Before white folks can tell us anything, they need to handle the sexual deviancy occurring in their own circles. Thank you for your much-appreciated commentary, sista.

      One Love and One Justice,

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