Nipsey Hussle’s Murder Was NOT Gang Related


I hope this day is treating you all well.  You all know my saying: If there is anything going on in your life causing you to feel depressed or making you feel like you're of no value and you need someone to talk about it with or someone with access to different professionals who can help you work through those issues, always feel free to reach out to me.  I am all ears, and I will make the time to listen to you.  We all need to vent, and I'm more than happy to listen.

It really irritates me when certain situations occur and certain negros don't practice the art of critical thinking (examing all the factors involved).  The majority of black people, because we've been conditioned to do so, unfortunately, have a really bad habit of just responding emotionally to tragedies such as the demise of our brother Ermias Asghedom.

Having emotional responses of grief or even anger are all good and well in situations like these, but they don't need to be our only responses.  Living under the system of white supremacy here in America is the equivalent to living in a war.  We, as black people, are prisoners of war, as our brother Neely Fuller so eloquently put it.

And, while living inside of a constant state of combat, the ability to perform in-depth analysis and to recognize patterns is crucial to our survival.  Every moment of every day, our lives are staked on it. 

So, when something as significant as what happened to Ermias occurs, we don't need to make knee-jerk assessments, folks.  That's not what you do in war.  In war, you're always supposed to constantly be suspicious of your enemy and to expect the absolute worst from them.  And being that we live inside of a system of white supremacy where nothing happens in a vacuum, those who maintain the system always need to be viewed as the usual suspects.

We ALWAYS need to question if and how they had any involvement whenever a black person is mistreated or murdered, for the simple fact one of white supremacy's pillars is the mistreatment and harm of those classified as non-white. 

So, I assess what happened to Nipsey Hussle, in the manner we all should, from that standpoint, just like I did with Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, or the black woman who was attacked in Deep Ellum.  It is imperative we investigate every angle so that we don't suffer the same tragic fate other victims of white supremacy have experienced.  If the details aren't adding up in certain situations, it is NOT paranoid nor conspiracy theory-esque to suspect that there are larger forces at play.

That's called being logical and not simply believing whatever white-owned media spoon-feeds us.  And in regards to what happened to someone who I consider a comrade in this effort against white supremacy, I want to make it clear: Some things aren't adding up, and don't think that what happened to him can't happen to you if you challenge systematic white supremacy. 

The fact the killer knew where this guy was going to be at an exact time and that Nipsey wouldn't have any protection isn't adding up to me. 

The fact this guy was shot execution-style in broad daylight when Nip was beloved by his community, and there was such a high risk of being caught doesn't add up to me. 

The fact this murder was done so boldly on Crenshaw in front of his store, where there are different cameras all up and down this street and likely in the establishment, as in the case with most urban areas, and there's no footage at all of the murder doesn't add up to me.

This being "gang-related" when gang violence in L.A. is at an all-time low doesn't add up to me. 

Nip, just like Kendrick Lamar, was one of the few West coast hip hop artists actually enlightening the Crips and Bloods about who the real culprit was who created these economically deprived areas, which spurred the type of environment for the Crips and the Bloods and all these other gangs to have to exist in the first place.  As the brother Neely Fuller said, white supremacy is dependent on us destroying one another.

This brother was messing their whole operation up. He was getting all sides to understand who the real enemy is.

Furthermore, Nipsey Hussle was working on a film about Dr. Sebi.  He even referred to him and one of his songs.  He was about to put out a documentary going into great detail on how Dr. Sebi was taken to court for practicing medicine without a license, but his natural methods, as was determined in the court of law, were actually healing people of their ailments.  

Also, to further support my case that his murder was orchestrated by white parties, The Marathon Clothing Store and the shopping center Nipsey owned stood smack dab in the middle of a path where the city of L.A. wanted to build a railway transit system, in order to accommodate the Los Angeles Rams and out of state NFL fans to have convenient access to the SoFi Stadium.  His ownership of that lot not was only was inspiring other black people to practice black ownership in an area that was gentrifying black people to hell, but he was directly slicing into white dollars.

This is the reason the police harassed and performed unwarranted raids on Nipsey's store for years, and it's also why the city attorney kept putting pressure (That's right you hear me–the city attorney who has nothing to do with citizen's property ownership) on the former property owner to evict Nipsey, even though his payment were always on time.  

Nipsey Hussle was murdered for many of the same reasons Tupac was. Anytime someone starts interfering with how white supremacy does business and when anyone is having a significant impact in terms of disrupting its programming, historically, they've been assassinated or have died very mysteriously (Dr. Sebi, Fred Hampton, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Malcolm X, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Zears Miles, Tupac (killer still hasn't been found).

And, understand, they'll probably take in a black suspect.  Please don't fall for that garbage, black people. Understand, law enforcement frames negroes all the time to protect those who practice white supremacy, and they are very open about it to who they're framing. They tell kats who are in desperate situations, you are going to jail whether you like it or not, so go ahead and take the fall for this crime and we'll give you a lighter sentence.

Rest in power to this brother.  I won't let his sacrifice be in vain or let his demise be passed off as "just another nigga dead." His demise shouldn't deter us from working to undo the brokenness white supremacy has created in black society.  Because, the fact of the matter is, you can be taken out just for being black and minding your own business.

If we have to go out, we mine as well go out working on the side of justice and building, like Nipsey Hussle was.

One Love & One Justice,  


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