Your Health Is Your Wealth

With so much of the focuses being put into finding cures, for things like cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, A.L.S., Alzheimer’s etc., why is there not a greater emphasis on the prevention of these horrible ailments?

How about actually avoiding being in the position of needing a cure in the first place?

Don’t forget, cancer is big business—a multi-billion dollar one, in fact.  Pharmaceutical companies and private organizations are counting on YOUR IGNORANCE ON HEALTH, to keep their profits growing and growing.  

Let’s us not continue to make them the beneficiaries, of people’s pain and suffering.  It’s time to place our focus and energy on prevention.  

I feel a great first step on that path to wellness would be to start taking a closer look at what we eat and put into our bodies every day.  As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.”

If you constantly consume garbage, then, expect to look and feel like it too.   

Here are some food items I’ve begun incorporating into my diet, an alternative non-toxic toiletry item, and some filtration devices which each uniquely aids in warding off certain diseases.  I’ve given a description of their specific health benefits, in their captions. (Hover or click on each individual item to see the caption.)

Some of these items do cost a pretty penny, but I see my health as an investment. Remember that whatever you don’t pay now, you will end up paying for later in the form of medical costs.  

I hope this will give everyone some ideas, to get the ball rolling, to start down their own path to wellness.



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