Holding Objects Instead of People Accountable for Racism


Whenever the topic of racism gets brought up, you’ll typically hear certain talking points get mentioned, such as, “America is a racist country,” “Structural racism is the reason for police brutality,” “The south sure is racist,” “We must reform the system,” “We have to vote Trump out of office because he’s racist,” “We have to implement reform to the system,” or “Minorities don’t have as much wealth or economic opportunities because there’s structural racism.”

If we really take the time to examine these talking points, all of them have something in common.  They all blame racism on inanimate objects or particular individuals.  

For instance, how can one call “the south” racist?  The south is merely a landmass, not an actual agent committing a form of racism.  

Another example is Donald Trump.  People who identify as Democrat/Liberal constantly call him racist and hateful, and, yet, there is very little of their same vitriol and venom is directed to the people who put him in office nor the people in his political and social circle who support him. 

People like to say things like, “Black people don’t have the same wealth white people have due to institutional racism.” They don’t bring up how whenever black communities or businesses become prosperous, they’re either destroyed or sabotaged by white supremacist factions.  They don’t bring up the history of redlining and why there are urban black enclaves all across America to begin with nor do they bring up why those areas are economically strangled for resources (nor the people doing the actually implementing the economic strangling).

Racism gets blamed on inanimate objects and not on a network of people who work together practice anti-blackness/white supremacy. 

Black people, as a global collective but more specifically black people here in America, are currently the only group of people on the planet who’ve had a system intentionally erected and carried out to keep us socially and economically in a permanent position of subjugation to white society as a collective. 

Why this system did originate relative to America’s inception over 100 years ago, the culture of anti-black racism among the white collective didn’t just magically disappear since then.  Remember, genes aren’t the only thing that get passed down through a family tree.  Mannerisms and culture do as well.  

Once a particular culture gets passed down enough times–let’s say, anti-black culture–it becomes a natural state-of-being.  For instance, we eat with forks, sit on chairs instead of on the floor, and say “Bless you” after someone sneezes because generations of that culture have influenced us to do that.  And, it feels as natural to us as breathing.  We don’t even think about. 

The same can be said about why the network of racist white people and their non-white operatives, who identify with this sick system of white supremacy/anti-black racism and who aid and abed them in their anti-black practices.  They’re subscribing to an illogical ideology they know is wrong, but deep down they feel a externally cultivated devotion to their race, even though they know they should just be an unbiases human being who doesn’t factor in race at all. 

They know practicing racism is wrong, but anti-blackness has just become some much of a natural state-of-being, they don’t even had a guily conscience when it comes to their complicitess.  

Do white people in power who believe in keeping black people subjugated in every arena of the society secretly meet up behind closed doors to discuss what how they’re going to dominate black people?  My answer to that is hell yes, they do.  However, anti-black racism has become so normal and is so embedded in the fabric of the American way-of-life, there doesn’t need to be any secret meetings in order for the white supremacists to get on-code on a global scale when it comes to what is to be done to subjugate and dominate the black collective. 

Racism/white supremacy isn’t a society, a single president, a physical structure, a landmass, nor a relegation to a political party.  It is a group of people, both white and non-white, working hand-in-hand to keep black people as a permanent underclass and as a group who they can willingly mistreat and abuse for the sake of feeling superior and dominate. 

When a black person can go through the entire judicial process and encounter no other black people, from the police, to the investigator, to the judge, to the DA, to the jury, to the parole officer, and when there is no equivalent to what a white person would have to go through, that is racism.  

When a police officer intentionally murders a black person on camera and when juries refuse to find them guilty or when they refuse to give them anything less than life in prison or execution, that is racism.  

When school boards decide their student body is going to continue studying and learning historical lies, such as Columbus discovering the Americas rather than presenting the strong evidence suggesting Africans did it well before him, that is racism.  

People who are aware of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s racist record of segregation and his unholy contribution to the mass incarceration of black people who still choose to vote for him,] despite his anti-black track record is what racism looks like.

When the local, state, and federal governments refuse to provide corrective resources to protect predominately black neighborhoods from poisonous water and to treat it as a disaster situtation, as IS the case in Flint, Michigan, that is what white supremacy looks like.

When media apparatuses vilify and demonize black victims of white supremacist violence and when they humanize and evoke sympathy for white assailants shoot and blow up schools, churches, concerts, and synagogues, that is white supremacy.

Systematic racism is a network of people who intentionally work together practice anti-black racism, and that system needs to be taken seriously for what it really is.  Individuals who participate in this satanic operation must be called out and held accountable, but blaming vague objects as the cause of the mistreatment and murder or black people is not only non-constructive but dangerous, too. 

In denying how racism works, we can’t eradicate the cancer of white supremacy from our society until we accept there is a network of people who are intentionally hellbent on not having to fairly compete with black people for resources.  There is a huge segment of the population, both white and non-white, that are willingly participating in the destruction of black people, and that we can’t chalk their participation in the system up to just “ignorance” or “blind bigotry.”

Donald Trump knows perfectly well he’s uplifting this system just like Ronald Reagan, the Bush family, Dick Chaney, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders (who was strongly opposed to reparations for black people but not for the descendants of Holocaust Jews), and Hilary Clinton did.   

The school system who purposefully leaves out the true contributions of black people to American society, the media that justifies the murders of innocent black people, the politicians who refuse to provide specific tangibles to the black community, and the agents who work in the judicial system who disproportionately convict more black people than any other group is a representation of what white supremacists working as a team looks like.   

And, in order to topple white supremacy as black people, we must work as a team with even more vigor and veroucioness as the enemy.  It’s important to familiarize yourself with who’s working against your best interets and to do everything in your power as an individual to undermine your power and to empower yourself against them. 

One Love & One Justice,


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