Racist Talking Points & How To Debunk Them


Of course, there are more talking points than what I included, and I plan on doing some followups to this piece to cover more of them.  But, I thought I would just give the first 9 that popped into my head as a starter. 

1. What about black-on-black crime (aka “Look at what’s happening in Chicago right now)?:

Collectively, black people all over the world live in areas that are deliberately starved of resources by racist policymakers for the purposes of preventing black people from establishing a prosperous and self-sufficient economy.  This creates impoverished conditions, and any area that is impoverished is going to have a high level of crime. The primary reason black people commit crime against each other is because they’re fighting each other over resources and because we project the self-hate out to other black people that we’re taught through media, in the classrooms, and through entertainment.  Despite this, statistically speaking, black people commit just about as much crime against each other that white people do. Yet, no one calls a white person shooting up an entire school, a biker gang, meth war massacre, or all the wars Europeans have waged against other Europeans throughout human history white-on-white crime.  

2. Look at all these other immigrant groups who come over here with nothing and are still able to make something of themselves.  You’ve guys have been here longer than them.  So why aren’t you guys able to make something of yourselves?:

There is a book entitled Working Towards Whiteness: How America’s Immigrants became white (Always put the responsibility on a suspected racist to investigate the information you’ve thoroughly studied when debunking their talking points).  This book painstakingly breaks down how immigrant groups, like the Irish and the Italians, have consistently been allowed to come to America and to “work their way towards whiteness.” What that means is these groups are allowed (“allowed” being the keyword) into the country and are allowed to achieve a certain level of success, just as long as they don’t disrupt the white power structure and just as long as they don’t do anything to socially nor economically to help black Americans as a collective.  Unfortunately, too many of the immigrant groups and even the Native Americans, who themselves were oppressed by the white supremacists, adopt the ideology of whiteness and work in lockstep to maintain the power structure as it is and to keep black people as a bottom caste in society.  These other immigrant groups don’t have their economies specifically sabotaged, through policies like redlining, imminent domain, and gentrification, and they aren’t having to contend with being terrorized by racist violence, some of which they contribute to, on a daily basis. There is the reason black people in American just can’t “pull themselves up by the bootstraps.”

3. I struggled my whole life and had to bust my ass to make it where I am today.  I don’t know where these benefits of white privilege are you’re talking about, but I sure didn’t get any of them

Not having multiple media apparatuses demonizing and dehumanizing your race to the general public every single day to influence them to treat you negatively is benefiting from white privilege.  Having image your race exalted as the ones with the most innovative minds, as the crusaders of liberty and justice, and as founders of civilized and dignified society while ignoring their heinous crimes, via our educational system, in the media, and through socially reinforced dogma, is benefiting from white privilege as a white person.  Being able to go through the judicial system without having to see a single black person (vice versa black people not being able to do so) is white privilege.  White privilege has social benefits that are more valuable than money. 

4. Well, I don’t see color.  I’m colorblind when it comes to race:

Ignoring that they’re physical attributes that differentiate among human beings is to ignore reality.  Black skin color and physical features aren’t something negative that need to be ignored.  By the way, if you don’t see color, stop putting what your race is whenever you fill out the census or when you’re filing your taxes. 

5. I understand what the police did to that unarmed black person was wrong, but what is the point of black people rioting and tearing up property?  What is that going to solve?:

Going back all the way to the Haitian Revolution in 1804 or the very American Revolution itself, the tactic of destroying the property of an overruling class has been utilized in rebellions to disrupt both the economy and social stability of that class.  To do so is actually very strategic and has proven to be effective throughout history. Riots are a result of the inaction of politicians and the general American public to effectively eradicate systematic white supremacy.  Instead of demonizing the activists for taken justice into their own hands when those who were supposed to deliver it failed to do so, demonize those who commit these heinous acts of violence against black people and the people in office who do nothing to protect them for creating this hostile environment in the American public.  

6. How can America be a racist country when we elected a black president?:

Question: What exactly did Obama do to specifically rectify the ways in which black people have specifically been targeted in this society in America? What did he do to protect us from white supremacist police violence?  What did he do to put us in an advantageous position economically with white people and with other groups who’ve been planted as buffer classes to keep black people at the bottom of the racial social order?  Bottom line, black people are allowed high positions of power (keyword being “allowed”) as long they’ve shown consistent a track record they’ll not use that power to benefit black people as a collective.  The majority of the white Americans who voted for him had no problem doing so because they knew he wouldn’t do anything to negatively affect their position in the society.

7. Well ya know, there are other problems in society, too.  Not every issue in society is about race ya know.  Black people aren’t the only ones with problems:

All of America’s problems–sexism, climate change, poverty, lack of healthcare, sex trafficking, mass shootings, suicides, drug addiction, etc.–are all spillover effects of the very systematic white supremacy/anti-blackness this country was founded on.  White supremacy is an ideology of degeneracy–a form of perverseness, so heinous, it’s effect can’t be contained to only affecting black people, which is what a large sector of the society wishes the situation would be.  Until black people are made whole by being given what we’re owed (financial compensation), none of these “other issues” will be resolved.  White privilege, the reason white supremacy exists, is the tree baring the poisonous fruit we know as all these social issues.  

8. I think black people and white people should just live in separate communities.  I think every race just gets along better with their own:

Firstly, we’re already separated socially.  This is why–and you can name any major metropolitan area in the country–why there is a black side, a Latino side, an Asian side, and a white side of town.  By design, we’re already separated.  Question: Which side of town is doing better than the white one is?  Segregation is alive and thriving.  It just they no longer need to put up signs saying “coloreds can’t live here.” They have the economic power to isolate themselves from ever having to deal with black people interpersonally.  Also, black people have tried multiple times break away from white society and to cultivate their own economic enclaves–and were very successful at doing so.  Problem: Any time black people have done so, you end up with a Tulsa, OK or a Rosewood, FLA.        

9.  Slavery was a long time ago.  It’s not like you were out in the field picking cotton.  You people need to move on and stop living in the past.  Stop complaining about stuff that happened over a hundred years ago:

If there is a form of bondage that has negative generational effects on those being oppressed and positive effects on those performing the oppression, how many years do you feel would need to pass before those effects would cease to exist? (Let them answer without interrupting them, and let them say what they have to say.)  Also, in what way are black people being collectively oppressed today, if at all?

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