Black Male Privilege Is a Racist Concept: Understanding Propaganda


In this edition of the
#PoethnicJustice, I present evidence disclaiming the dangerous and detrimental myth of black male privilege. As a black collective and as a country in general, it’s vital we stop allowing these planted false narratives to distract us away from dealing with the unjust system of race America does all its business under.

And to do that, we have to learn how to recognize what they look like. The “divide & conquer” tactic the dominant society has used for decades in America (since the end of the Civil Rights era) has been consistently utilized to promote division and disorganization among black men and women.

When the men (the warrior class of black society) and the women (the nurturers and the teachers) are unable to move as a cohesive unit, then, there are no relationships.

When there are no relationships, there are no marriages–then no children, no family, and no communities standing in solidarity behind the core principle that the system of white privilege/anti-black racism must be eradicated from the face of this Earth.

One Love & One Justice,
The Stormy Poet

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