Why Reading Daily Will Save Your Life


The whole reason I set up The Stormy Poet Compositions platform was to promote messages such as the one presented in this program. Reading, on a daily basis, has scientifically been proven to have tremendous benefits to your life. It's often thought of as boring or tedious, not as being an investment of time to enrich yourself on so many levels. The companies that govern all you see and hear have conditioned you to be that way.

The more mindless we are and the more we're unable to sit down in a quiet room and focus on one thing, the more impulsive we become as consumers. There is a reason they call television "programming." It's time to, as a society, change the way we think about literature in general.

As the old saying goes, "The pen is mightier than the sword," and it's time for us–especially black people in particular–use that weapon, both in what we take and what we communicate, to empower ourselves.

One Love & One Justice,
The Stormy Poet
If you've found what you've heard to be enriching, informative, practical, and empowering, please consider making a monetary contribution to this platform (any dollar amount). This type of media only exists because of you, The People!

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