So, Systematic Racism Is Bad: What Are You Gonna Do About It? (Talkers VS Doers)

Poethnic Justice Family,

I hope this day bids you well, and welcome to another edition of #PoethnicJustice. There is no shortage of mouthpieces available to talk about how bad racism is and how we need to get rid of it. The question seldom asked is, just how are we to effectively accomplish that? 

Is it by spreading more love and understanding?  

Is it by having more diversity and inclusion?

Is voting for the Democrats the answer?

Is better education the solution?

Why has racism persisted so long in our society, and how did it come to exist in the first place?

In this edition of #PoethnicJustice, I discuss how my 1st underground book and 3rd written book, "Code of Conduct Suggestion Guide for Surviving, Comprehending, & Fully Dismantling Systematic Racism/White Supremacy", answers all these questions in full.

I do so using verifiable and factual information, not on feelings and theories.

To retrieve your copy of the most controversial document in America, free of charge, e-mail "I want a copy" to (You will never be put on any e-mail lists, and your e-mail address will never be shared). This book is ONLY available by request.

It's time to #GetCodedUp.

One Love & One Justice,
The Stormy Poet


p: (817) 382-1108‬

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