Racial Fetishization Vs Preferences: What Is the Difference (LLP #11)


This audio is from my Levels of Love Podcast. I normally keep material regarding man/female social dynamics relegated to my RootOfAllLove.com website, but I felt this was one of those subjects that directly crosses into the subject matter this page covers. The Root of All Love site was actually born out of this page, and I felt it was proper to, with this edition of LLP, tie that platform back into its roots (no pun intended).  I hope you're all able to take away something empowering from it, and feel free to subscribe to the site and to where ever you listen to podcasts.  

❤️What is the difference between a RACIAL FETISH versus a PREFERENCE?

❤️In episode 11 of my "Levels of Love Podcast, I discuss someone of the ways systematic racism has negatively affected the integrity of romantic relationships and as well as friendships as a whole.

❤️Feel free to join in the discussion.

(Background music by Lyrical Lisa: https://soundcloud.com/lyricallisa7)  

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