The Nut Brains Who Schooled Humanity (Poem)


How dare we dismiss
gifted messages, gleefully and sporadically sprouting and lying 
among us daily.
To dismiss
and to not defend 
the right of another being to exist
based on physical size and its perceived simplicity of a duty
is to engage the time-tested exercise of what makes men darkest. 
Our downfall is spelled
by what we've failed to harness and formulate
based on the wisely simplified and complex examples
of the seemingly plainest among us.  
Such epiphanies flood my veins 
on days like this--ones of a balmy and sultry bluster where nut-sized brains weave through and wield the invisible currents with the humblest kind of mastery.  
After all, would there be Saturn V's or Concords without the gracious and patient tutelage of the likes of the condor? 

Nut brains mastered convection to perfection long before we ever achieved elevation. 
Not protecting the keepers of such priceless inspirations and motivations is to fully embrace human annihilation.

From the Soul,

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