The Goal Isn’t To End Racism


There's no doubt about it that if this wicked and satanic system, known as white supremacy/anti-blackness, was wiped from the face of the Earth that the quality of life for millions of those who descend from the killing fields of the American south–and for the rest of the planet, no doubt–would improve instantly.

And, our daily efforts as FBAs should, indeed, be focused on doing our individual and unique parts in rooting out and eradicating systemic injustice in the many forms it manifests itself in.

That said, I've noticed many of my fellow travelers who're also on the warpath against white supremacy who operate under the notion that one day the majority of society–particularly white society–will not go along with the status quo.  And, that very status quo is the racial hierarchy the white supremacists and
their non-white sympathizers have maintained sincere this country's inception.

While it'd certainly be ideal to get a significant number of white people and other ethnic groups to put in some real work in dismantling systemic, anti-black racism, working towards such a goal is, unfortunately, a fool's errand.  And, the reason I say that is because of one reason; white privilege is a hell of a drug.

Jane Elliott (even though I have my issues with her) made a very good point at one of her lectures.  She asked a crowd full of white people, how many of them would like to trade places with black people in America and to stand if they would.  Of course, not one butt left a chair, and she proved her point that all the white people in the room and in society are fully aware of their white privilege and of the detrimental cost necessary to maintain it.  And that cost is anti-black subjugation and mistreatment.

And the dominant society fully understands the only way to effectively combat racism is to financially empower the only group that has been methodically and relentlessly deprived of resources by every level of government in this country.

This is why even the most liberal of your white friends, who will have absolutely no problem talking about how bad racism is for black people, how blacks are so oppressed and down-trodden, and how there needs to be systemic change and reform…bla bla bla, will become a little squeamish and, borderline, combative when you bring up the fact black people are owed some serious paper, especially when it's their tax dollars that'll be funding it.

You bring up reparations, cash payments with no strings attached, specifically and only for those who descend from the death camps of the southern United States, and they'll start telling you that hopes, dreams, and smiles are supposed to make up for 200 years of that and for the social hindrances black people are still contending with right now.

"Well ya know really need to just come together and heal and understand we're all the human race and we just need more diversity and inclusion and representation"…it's the same old line of crap they always tell you to avoid contending with what will actually work to make America resemble something of democracy for once.

White privilege is, indeed, a hell of a drug.  When you've had nothing but positive images shown about you in movies and TV, when you can drive down the street and not have to worry about being harassed or murdered by police for just minding your business, when you've been given jobs over people who're clearly more qualified–even potential detriment of the company hiring you, when your father, grandfather, and great grandfather are able to pass down generational wealth to you without things like eminent domain, gentrification, and workplace discrimination hindering them, and when can shoot up a school full of kids or a grocery store of black people and still be taken alive, are you trying to give all those social and financial goodies, giveaways, and guarantees up?

Having that kind of power is addicting, especially when you're fed a steady diet of propaganda through both news and cinema you're God's gift to the Earth, and that you, somehow, "deserve" some kind of divine privilege.

And unfortunately, rather than joining forces with FBAs to topple the oppressor class, the majority of other non-white groups, which the white supremacists utilize against us, are just fine being in a social tier under them.  They're far too busy looking for a comfortable spot under white supremacy rather than toppling the very thing on top of them.  As long as they're not at the very bottom alongside black people, they've no interest in seeking comradery with us against them.

Not to mention, many of them, whether it be Latino, Italian, or Asian, classify themselves as white, so they already identify with the anti-black, European sentiments.

As Dr. John Henrik Clarke put it best, when it comes to black people, particularly FBAs, we have no friends in this fight.  Not to say there won't be 1 or 2 folks from this or that group willing to join the cause, but, as a man in his 30s, all I can say is I've never seen it.  We don't need friends, though.  We've got something better.  We got family.  All we need is us.

The goal in this fight isn't to make the world less racist.  You can't control whether or not people like you.  Trying to get those who're gunning for you and those who benefit from them gunning for you to sacrifice their privileged to ease your oppression is a fruitless endeavor.

Instead, the better and more realistic strategy should be that we become so organized, disciplined, financially educated, and connected as FBAs that we become powerful enough, to where, whether or not people practice systemic racism, they won't be able to harm us.

The dominant society understands that we're capable of putting ourselves in that kind of advantageous position, which is why both the Democrats and Republicans have fought voraciously to not give us reparations.  Because once a group has an economic base (like we should have already had a century ago), they're able to create enclaves, influence politicians, police their own communities, and adequately protect themselves from outside threats.

So, family, this is the reality of the situation we're in.  You don't have to like it, and it may sound disheartening, but the quicker you accept how the world truly views what should be done about you and the people who look like you, the sooner you can start creating genuine change and actual progress for black society.  We don't have reparations, yet (and we WILL get them), but until that inevitable day that occurs, we can practice following a certain
code of conduct so that when we are paid what we're owed, we will have the mindset to correctly utilize in a way that's most conducive to our empowerment.   

One Love & One Justice,

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