Like Father, Like Sun (Poem)


'Twas a golden afternoon
filled with mourning doves' tune
The Neptune sky 
and Cirrocumulus iris of its eyes
mirrored a majestic sun via contrails and the moon.
What a soothingly, sapphire way
to bid farewell to the kind of day,
one reserved for reinforcing bonds with kin,
just by hiking through God's green or feeding park geese by the tens.
Nature paid homage to a human's time to play. 

For, even she knew such time is evasive and rare
for of us each, which is why we must find moments to sit and stare
at the likes of a gloriously, gilded sunset--the daily, handcrafted painting every human gets.
A pop & son's dirt bike ride on my street humbled me in this lesson--seeing the kid squeal with glee on his dad's knee. 
Such a simple moment with such a simple machine shared between 2 simple people,
was much-needed tutelage for us all and myself 
and was bathed in the glow of the crepuscular rays. 

From the Soul,

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