Send Noods (Poem)


Angel noodle,
tortellini noodle, 
Penni noodle,
Maccheroni noodle,
and zucchini, squash, egg, wheat, brown and white rice, shiitake, chickpea, squid and cuttlefish ink, and multigrain noodles--
how sinfully silky thou are when slurped and gulped

You're even yummy when burped--
humbly morphing to and fro between forms 
and supporting, 
not too prideful to take on the savor 
of the marinara, meat sauce, Ramen, Bakmi, beef chow, Lo Mein, or Pad Thai, 
but also not too meek to prove itself hearty.

On a late Saturday
after a 6-hour writing session and 6-pack of Eastciders,
don't ever hesitate to send me noods.

From the Soul,

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