Dr. Vrushab (Poem)


When that hot tar clogged my gut
and when my tract was darkened by inexplicable smut,
'twas only her who'd dared
to heed my desperate cries and to dearly care
when all others who should've forsook me to the rut

She was my first ray of hope in 2 years--
the first to not write off sincere tears.
So, it took me by utter surprise
when she peered into my eyes
and said she'd work alongside me to rid all fears.

'Tis because of her I no longer underestimate
the healing power human touch can generate. 
Just the act of her hands carefully examining my throat, chest, abdomen, and baggy eyes
immediately caused the churning, burning pain to subside.
Even if for a few seconds, such unexpected relief was paradise in my pitiful state. 

So, I sit here, years removed since then,
so happy that sometimes I sob. 
For, she gave me back years the mystery blob tried to sneak and rob. 
Before bed, I will continue to pray
and thank The Maker for the day
that He led me to the office of the Hindi-accented angel, Dr. Vrushab.  

From the Soul,

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