…As She Sleeps (Poem)


​...her rhythmic breath calms me,
like a sigh of relief

It's as steady as a chorus,
amid the score being performed courtesy of household objects & Downtown Dallas.

The contrast couldn't be more complimentary--
for, the EMT and DPD blaring whistles and whines, the unending rubber roars and gritty growls of the Tollway, my laptop fan, and our fridge's drowsy drone display no such elegant tempo.

Yet, combined with her magical melody,
they soothe me to the core--
the encapsulating contradiction of the hurried,
the ever-moving,
and the obligated​​
versus the nestled,​​
the cozied,
and the caressed.  

True peace
is hearing her roll over and comfortably moan in her sleep
as I hack the keys in front of the crystal screen,
oblivious of ​the ​automobiles', planes', and trains' never-ending scramble
all around our sacred safe haven. 

From the Soul

#Love #Relationships #Peace #Dating

One thought on “…As She Sleeps (Poem)

  1. The beauty of life lies in the intricate combination of chaos and order, noise and silence, movement and stillness. This piece reminds us to appreciate the harmonious coexistence of seemingly contrasting elements, and to find solace in the simplest of things. Thank you for this gentle reminder of the power of contrast and the value of peace.

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