Sirens (Poem)


​All day and night, this city sings the urgent song
of the robbed, the wrecked,
the scorched, the trapped,
and the broken

All day and night, the wails​ permeate miles of concrete and glass,
the catalyst of their tone's panicky projection–
their chorus, a constant reminder somebody somewhere out there
is hurting.

Even so, I fret and despair not at the blue and red flickering fanfare
accompanying the city siren's frantic hymn.
For, when I hear them at night, while sipping Earl Grey on my balcony,
gratitude, instead, is invoked.
For, I'm grateful they've no reason to sing, yet, about me.

From the Soul,

#EMT #Police #FirstResponders #Firemen #CityLife #Poetry 

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