Hair Care Information for Black Men is Almost Non-Existent

This (picture at the bottom) is, quite literally, the only conditioner that my hair does not despise. To the brothas out there, I used to put very heavy oils on my scalp, like Pink Lotion and wave grease to moisturize my scalp. This clogs the pores in my scalp causing large pimples and boils. I also would get a bunch of bumps on the back of my neck. Plus I had horrible dandruff.

After years of doing that, I tried coconut oil. It did work in the short-term, but it eventually dried out my hair, because it is not the type of oil that actually adds moisture to your scalp nor your hair.

After doing a bunch of research and after experimenting with many other oils, this product is the only product that has worked for me, in that it does moisturize and strengthen my hair, and it effectively moisturizes my scalp without clogging my pores. (Side Note: it is extremely difficult to find hair care information for black men. While doing my research, I found extremely little research on what’s best for black men’s hair.

Also, the different extracts in this product act as antifungal properties. Therefore, I don’t get dandruff at all anymore. Furthermore, it is water-based so it washes off very easily.

If you are a black male–or female for that matter–I highly recommend this product along with hemp seed shampoo. If you are a black male struggling with boils, bumps on the back of the neck, and/or bad dandruff, I hope this information finds you and benefits you.

You pretty much can only find it on Amazon, which is where I order it at (  I haven’t seen it sold anywhere else.  


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2 thoughts on “Hair Care Information for Black Men is Almost Non-Existent

  1. Black women need to read this as well because we are having a time with our hair. Even when we go ‘natural’, we still have a time of it. I am so tired of this mess on my head that I can do nothing with, that I’m about ready to cut it all off and just walk around looking crazier than I do now. I am mistaken for Don King and I am SO not kidding.

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    1. Shelby,

      I definitely feel you, sista, and this message definitely applies to black women also. As a matter of fact, all the advice I got about hair care was provided to me by black women, both online and in-person. So, I owe it to y’all for what I do know about how to care for my own hair. The reason I directed it towards brothas is because a lot black men think hair health is a “girly” thing to worry about and that black women are the only ones who have to worry about hair loss because of the chemical alterations they typically do to their hair. The majority of black men aren’t even having that conversation, so I wanted to direct it at us.

      By the way, I can totally understand why you, as a sista, would want to cut it all off. Like seriously, I had a fro for a year, and it was hell taking care of that dam thing lol, so I can only imagine what y’all have to go through. Picking that thing out was a beast in morning, keeping it moisturized was very expensive, and it would clump back up every couple of hours. So, on the real, definitely cut it off if it’s more comfortable for you. Screw what everyone else thinks about it. It’s your hair and you have every right to do what is most comfortable to you.

      As always, thank you for your commentary. It is always welcomed and appreciated.

      One Love & One Justice,
      The Stormy Poet

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